The publisher Pegasus Spiele has announced that fans will be given the “Freshwater” upgrade pack for the Everdell board game. It reacts to the feedback from the community, according to Pegasus. The background was critical voices after the release of the Pearlbrook expansion, which revolved around the content in relation to the recommended retail price of the board game. 

All those who did not purchase the Pearlbrook expansion for the board game Everdell in the first edition will receive all content from the English Collector's Edition with the publication of the second edition. This is what Pegasus Spiele announced. The revised edition is expected to be available from September 2021. And the publisher also has good news for owners of the expansion: Anyone who owns the German debut edition of Pearlbrook can now pick up the Freashwater Pack free of charge from the retailer.

Fans criticize Pearlbrook's price

For about three years, the interest in the visually extraordinary game Everdell has remained unbroken. The first Kickstarter campaign in 2018 was financed within a few hours: At that time, over 6.700 players supported the project with a sum of around half a million US dollars.

And the first edition of the German basic game and the “Pearlbrook” expansion were sold out within a very short time. Nevertheless: Not everything was successful at the start in Germany. Some fans took the content of the Pearlbrook expansion in relation to the recommended retail price as an occasion for criticism.

Pegasus Spiele and Tabletop Tycoon have taken the feedback to heart, have been looking for a solution together over the past few weeks and have found one: The German version of the Pearlbrook expansion will in future be expanded to include the Freshwater Upgrade Pack - at the same price. The second German edition of Pearlbrook will therefore have essentially the same content as the English Collector's Edition.

This adjustment also affects the future German version of the Everdell expansion Spirecrest, which will also contain the components of the English Collector's Edition. Like the Bellfaire expansion, it will appear exclusively from Pegasus Spiele (expected from September 2021). Both expansions offer new mechanisms and elements and allow players to continue exploring the Everdell Valley at the same time.

Freshwater for everyone!

"Of course, everyone who has already purchased the retail version of Everdell: Pearlbrook in the version of Pegasus Spiele and Tabletop Tycoon will also receive the Freshwater Upgrade Pack", informs Pegasus Spiele. After the release of the second edition of Pearlbrook, customers of the first edition can pick up their free Freshwater Upgrade Pack where they bought the game. All customers who bought the extension in the publisher's online shop should automatically receive the pack.

The Freshwater Upgrade Pack maximizes the experience of the Pearlbrook expansion with additional pearls, 3D wonders, 14 new maps and three new races: axolotl, platypus and starlings. The second German edition will contain plastic beads and no scoring pad. With the upgrade, players who have already discovered the eponymous Pearlbrook River in the west of the Everdell Valley in Pearlbrook have even more options available to expand their city.

Everdell is mostly well received by players - not least because of the look. Image: Pegasus Games

Everdell is mostly well received by players - not least because of the look. Image: Pegasus Games

To do this, they place one of their animal tokens on one of the available locations in the valley over the course of four seasons and thus receive valuable resources, take part in special events or receive points. Alternatively, the players may play one of their hand cards or one of the cards on display and thus build a building in their city or settle new animals there. Whoever was able to build the most outstanding city with a maximum of 15 cards at the end of the busy year wins the game.

With catchy mechanisms and a lot of variance and options through a wide variety of character and structure cards, Everdell is a game that offers excitement for both frequent and casual gamers. The detailed and loving illustrations underline the game theme and make you want to get to know the animal inhabitants of the peaceful forest valley better.



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