Following Renature and Savannah Park, Caldera Park is a new standalone game in the Deep Print Games In Nature series. The new family game by Wolfgang Kramer and Michael Kiesling will appear as a trade fair novelty at SPIEL'22 from Deep Print Games and will probably be available exclusively from Pegasus Spiele from November. It lets the players create zoos in the wilds of North America.

North America enchants with breathtaking mountain landscapes and spectacular geysers. Extensive forests and the vastness of the prairie provide habitat and refuge for countless animal species. In their own parks, which are located exactly in this landscape, the players try to help the animals to gather in families that are as large as possible. It is important to ensure that the families have access to water points and settle as completely as possible in the various landscapes. If this sounds familiar, you're probably thinking of Savannah Park, which was published by Deep Print Games in 2021, and in fact Caldera Park is a direct successor.

Wacky fantasy world

Caldera Park isn't just the same game in a different setting, though. Instead, the mechanisms of Savannah Park are skilfully reinterpreted, varied and supplemented with new elements. The game gives the players more freedom and offers more tactical depth. Instead of one, there are now three different landscapes on the park boards, plus the terrain features river, waterfall and geyser. At the beginning, not all animal tiles are on the tableau. Instead, the players only reveal seven of their 35 animal tiles that are available to them in the round. Whenever they place a tile, they draw a new one from their stack.

Using an action board with seven spaces for terrain features and seven animal tiles, the active person indicates which animal species must be placed on which landscape, for example: a bear must go on a field with a river or an elk must go on a field with a forest. All players must now - if possible - place a tile with the required animal on the corresponding landscape. Of course, other animal species can also be found on the tile.

A round ends only when all seven animal tiles on the action board have been moved to the seven terrain spaces. In this way, the animals are distributed relatively evenly across the park. The game ends after five rounds and there is a final scoring. On the one hand, there are points for terrain features that have been completely covered (e.g. all mountain spaces or all river spaces). On the other hand - similar to Savannah Park - the animal families are evaluated.

Caldera Park adds weather as an all-new element, replacing the bushfires seen in Savannah Park. Each person has ten weather tiles, of which only six are in play per game. The sun is always included, the others are drawn at random. At the beginning of each round, all players must place one of their weather tiles on one of the weather spaces in their park. A hurricane, hail, heavy rain, heat and more can be hidden under the tiles. Each weather tile has a different effect on the park. For example, at the end of the game all tiles with wolves or mooses that are adjacent to a snowstorm must be discarded. Only after all weather tiles have been checked does the actual final scoring take place.

Caldera Park is an upscale family game for one to four players ages ten and up and lasts 30 to 40 minutes per game. It is the third game in the "Deep Print Games In Nature" series and - like Renature and Savannah Park - completely dispenses with plastic parts in the game. Instead of plastic bags, there are also practical folding boxes for storing the game material. The suggested retail price is 34,99 euros.

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