Pegasus offers board games at discounted prices. The publisher is organizing an online warehouse sale from now until at least January 31st, which is also intended to strengthen brick-and-mortar retail. Buyers can choose whether they want to support a specialist dealer, who then receives a commission on the orders placed.  

Again and again, sales and discount campaigns are held for board games to empty the warehouse. The publishing house Pegasus Spiele is therefore organizing an online warehouse sale right at the beginning of the year. Pegasus grants a discount of ten percent on all available articles via the publisher's in-house shop. However, those who are subject to fixed book prices are excluded.

Pegasus Spiele grants discounts on board games

For some selected remaining items, Pegasus even offers discounts of 50 percent. The ten percent discount is available for those games that are currently also available. But there is more to the action: Also local game retailers supports the publisher, namely through commissions. Players can select their favorite shop from a drop-down menu, which then receives part of the purchase value.

Background: Gaming shops are hit hard by the extended corona lockdown. Due to the protective measures, local traders had to close again and keep their shops closed until at least the end of January. Even if the vaccinations are slowly starting in Germany: An end to the lockdown measures is currently difficult to predict.

Pegasus Spiele would like to support the stationary specialist trade and has therefore again launched the “Support your game store!” Campaign. As in March and April of last year (the first Corona lockdown), customers can select one of over 150 specialist dealers from a list stored there before placing their order in the publisher's online shop.

After the selection, the page will be reloaded with an extended URL and the order process can be continued as usual.

Following the purchase, according to Pegasus, at least ten percent of the purchase value is automatically credited to the retailer selected initially. Game stores that advertise the promotion receive a 25 percent commission from Pegasus Spiele.

Dealers are fighting against the effects of the pandemic and have established pick-up, shipping and delivery options in many cases, including for the purchase of parlor games.

Source: Pegasus Spiele

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