With the latest expansion of the program catalog, the publishing house Pegasus Spiele wants to make fans of puzzle games especially happy: with unicorns, cats and brains. With Dr. Brain, Mindo: Unicorns and Mindo: Cats are now three new puzzle games available in stores.

Supplies for puzzle enthusiasts

After the action games Dr Eureka, dr microbe and Go Go Gelato Successful author Roberto Fraga is now heading in a new direction. at dr Brain the brains of the players are pretty mixed up. In order to put their thoughts back into order, the players have to connect two brain cells in their brain with the help of sliding puzzles. Once the first player has made the right connection, all they have to do is perform the funny action on the current task card to win the round.

dr Brain expands the classic sliding puzzles into a fun game for the whole family. Thanks to the modified game principle, which always creates new connections, there are countless possible variations. The funny task cards with the actions shown ensure crazy fun for 2 to 4 players, ages 8+.

We are waiting for little puzzle friends from 5 years of age Mindo by Thierry Denoual clever puzzles with a unicorn or cat theme. Each of the 60 puzzles shows where the glitter tail or the cat Bella and her friends should be. It is the task of the players to lay out the tiles in such a way that the colorful pattern of the task card is created.

With Mindo: unicorns and Mindo: cats logical thinking is trained in a playful way. The game grows with the children thanks to four different levels of difficulty and thus offers long-term fun. As a 1 player game with cute unicorn and cat illustrations Mindo also ideal for trips and short breaks in between.

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