The publisher Pegasus Spiele has announced the new adventure comic game "Kuala" for mid-September. The Kuala concept is based on the game comics of the same name and features four different character books. Up to four players can embark on adventures together and search for hidden treasures in the Kuala archipelago. In addition, two game comic series will be continued: Sherlock Holmes and the Knight series. Sherlock Holmes - Alongside Mycroft and Knight - The Lost City. Both volumes will appear in the course of the next six months.

Four players, four books, one card. It doesn't take more than that in Kuala - the game in which you are the heroes - to search for treasures in a shared adventure. Just like in the comic strip game, puzzles have to be solved, secret passages found and traps avoided.

New game comics will be released later this year

For their puzzle adventure on the Kuala archipelago, each of the four books has a unique character with special skills. Together they must make wise decisions and skillfully use the characters' abilities. Progress and items and treasures that have already been recovered can be entered on the adventure sheet. With the help of a map, the area of ​​the Kuala Archipelago can also be surveyed and various islands can be headed for. Kuala is a family game for one to four players, ages seven and up. Pegasus Spiele specifies the publication period as mid-September.

Even more puzzles: knights and detectives

In the third part of the knight series, The Lost City, the player ends up in the eponymous environment. There he goes in search of valuable treasures. But the city of the undead is full of dangers: battles must be fought and puzzles solved in order to emerge from the adventure glorious and victorious. Knight - The Lost City is expected to be released in winter 2019.

10 years have passed since the events in Sherlock Holmes - In the footsteps of Jack the Ripper, but now the killer strikes again. In the next volume of the popular Sherlock Holmes game comic series, the player takes on as the master detective himself or as his loyal companion Dr. Watson reopened the investigation. His goal: pursue clues, interrogate suspects and catch the real culprit. The fifth volume in the series is expected to appear in spring 2020.

With each of the independently playable comics, the readers become heroes of a story that they control themselves. Your decisions influence the plot and make the gaming experience unique. Numerous adventures and tricky puzzles await the heroes, whether on adventurous islands, in ghostly cities or in busy London.

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