The publisher Pegasus Spiele publishes new expansions for several of its connoisseur and expert games. The crime series City of Angels is served as well as the space board games Captain Sonar and Eclipse.

Return to the City of Angels! The second expansion for the connoisseur's game, Smoke and Mirrors, is expected to be released in July City of Angels by Evan Derrick. In addition to new suspects and old acquaintances, there are four unsolved criminal cases that are tough. The murderous idea of ​​a traveling circus; a series of burglaries that do not provide any evidence; a gory dinner party at the 'Star's shrink; a celebrated actress is hanged in the middle of the city - there is still a lot to do! As members of the Los Angeles Police Department Homicide Squad, players can play the new expansion's cases solo, cooperatively, or against each other as usual.

The briefings and epilogues were again recorded by Oliver Rohrbeck and can be found under

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After the successful expeditions to the northern realms in The cartographer and the western lands in The Cartographer, the royal cartographers now embark on new adventures. Distant Expeditions includes three new modules, each bringing new maps, rules, maps, and corresponding new challenges. Only a few scraps of maps survive from the last expedition that ventured into the Frost Reach - The Realm of the Frost Giants. And these already show at the beginning of the game for some fields which types of terrain have to be entered there.

In Kethra's Steppes, players must not only map the terrain, but also reignite the mysterious beacons of the Twin Towers. In the Hornhelm - The Market in the Wasteland module, the cartographers can purchase useful items to aid them in their work. Distant Expeditions can be combined with both The Cartographer by author Jordy Adan and The Cartographer, which Adan created in collaboration with John Brieger. For the game with The Cartographer, four promo cards "Hero/Heroine" are also included.

In Captain Sonar Four to eight players in two teams each control one submarine. Everyone takes on a different, important role on board. The objective: to locate and destroy the other team's enemy submarine. With the new expansion Captain Sonar: Mission Vectrum, new deep-sea adventures await the players. Roberto Fraga and Yohan Lemonnier's Kennerspiel mini-expansion includes three new sea maps that can be played as a continuous campaign or individually.

For the expert game Eclipse - The Second Galactic Age by Touko Tahkokallio is now not only available as a reprint, but also as a mini-expansion, New Perils. In Eclipse, players lead vast, interstellar civilizations and vie for dominance of the galaxy. To do this, they explore and colonize new space sectors, research new technologies and expand their space fleet.

Thanks to four new modules, players can now explore black holes and galactic nebulae, negotiate with emerging species, hold their own on the galactic council or experiment with reality-warping weapon technology with New Dangers. The modules can be added to the base game individually or in combination and provide even more variety in the conquest of space.


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