The computer game Peace Island is still in the development phase, despite this a fan base is already forming, eagerly awaiting the release of the game. If you look at the story of the game, it is hardly surprising, because it combines popular topics and promises a very special story. The player puts himself in the perspective of nine different cats, with their very own characters, who one day have to wake up and notice that everyone on their home island has apparently disappeared without a trace. Story-based, the cat team embarks on a journey of discovery that revolves around solving the riddle of the sudden disappearance. The game should concentrate entirely on experiencing and discovering the story and not on the content of the battle.

Peace Island combines various popular genres. Content from science fiction, the Uchronie, also known as “non-time”, and the mystery genre should form the basis of the story. The main question that the puzzle game revolves around also seems to have hit the nerve of the times: "Are the people worth being brought back to Peace Island or are we better off without them?"

But until this question can be answered, the game is waiting for the players with many tricky tasks that have to be cracked. The player moves with his cat crew in four different island areas, which should offer forests, coastal strips, farms, ruins from the Second World War and other exciting areas to discover.

Time to puzzle: there is no time pressure on Peace Island

But the digital guesswork is not that simple: Not all animals on the island are friendly towards cats. Successfully solving side quests can increase the reputation of the other islanders. This is the only way for players to gain access to important island routes that are supposed to be necessary to fully explore Peace Island and the buildings on the island also hold secrets that need to be deciphered.

Some buildings are only supposed to allow entry through complicated quests. But only once you have got inside, the detailed rooms should wait for the players, who have one or the other hidden clue ready. All nine cats have to work together, this is the only way to secure their own future and that of the world.


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Peace Island was developed by game designer Eric Blumrich from the US state of Maine. Who with his open world game would like to honor his homeland and the cats that he met in his life and who filled it with joy. At first he only worked with his co-developer Laura Mackey on Peace Island, today they are supported by a small team of developers.

Thanks to the monthly grossing of nearly $ 15.300 by fans Patreon, the release date of the cat game is within reach. The game is currently being developed for PC, Mac and Oculus VR and should be released in 2020.

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