The US RPG publisher Paizo Publishing is working with Giochi Uniti to launch Pathfinder Arena, a board game based on the RPG template. In 2021, the miniatures board game is to be financed via crowdfunding. 

The Pathfinder RPG, which was developed by Paizo, is a classic pen-and-paper based on the “Open License” of the rules of Dungeon and Dragons. A localized version is available in this country from Ulisses, the role-playing game is now available in a second edition. Asmodee also had Digital Pathfinder: Adventures implemented as a digital board game.

Pathfinder: Arena offers competitive miniature action

In the coming year, the board game Pathfinder: Arena is to be brought to market maturity through the cooperation between Paizo Publishing and Giochi Uniti. The financing takes place via a “crowd financing” - when the campaign will start and which platform the publisher will choose for it is not yet known.

The fact is, however, that Pathfinder: Arena is based on the fantasy fiction “Age of Lost Omens” from the Pathfinder role-playing game. The miniatures board game is a competitive concept in which monsters and heroes compete against each other in four-stage challenges. With each new level, the number of monsters increases, while heroes receive level-ups and are thus stronger and better equipped.

Miniatures of monsters and heroes are core material in Pathfinder: Arena. Image rights: Giochi Uniti

Miniatures of monsters and heroes are core material in Pathfinder: Arena. Image rights: Giochi Uniti

A highlight of the game: In Pathfinder: Arena the monsters do not move, instead the map tiles are moved, so that a kind of labyrinth feeling should develop. The miniatures board game is designed for games with two to four players that use heroes and monsters from the Pathfinder universe. 18 miniatures should be included in the finished game, plus spells, objects and skills.

The crowdfunding campaign, which will start in 2021, will contain exclusive miniatures as well as game material exclusively available via “swarm financing”, plus additional, previously unknown, bonuses through stretch goals.

Giochi Uniti is an Italian publisher that prepares board games and miniatures for the home market. There are collaborations with Asmodee, Days of Wonder and Fantasy Flight Games, among others.

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