With immediate effect, the 5.1 update expands the fantasy world of the MMORPG ArcheAge with new content for pirates and heroes. Above all, the pirate faction and the hero system of the sandbox online role-playing game have been revised.

Life as a pirate is possible

Looters and privateers can now join the pirate faction by completing a new series of quests. Thanks to the new patch, a life as a pirate within the limits of the law is possible for the first time, because the crime and infamy system has been completely separated from the pirates. In essence: After seven days, inactive pirates wake up again in their original faction.

With the update, the heroes in ArcheAge also receive new individual skills and quests that are tailored to their role in the game world: They are given the power to enforce peace or war in the various game zones.

With Patch 5.1, pirates optionally live within the limits of the law. Image: Ark Age
With Patch 5.1, pirates optionally live within the limits of the law. Image: Gamigo

The heroes can now summon their raid members and lead them into battle. In addition, the exclusive hero coats have been enhanced with even more powerful buffs.

And because major patches usually also implement new game content, Arche Age Update 5.1 does just that: Players can now face a new dungeon for five people in the "Ayanad Library", the Abyssal Library. The dungeon is available on the Normal and Fresh Start servers. The dungeon bosses will reward you with the brand new Abyssal Library gear after defeating them.

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