Paradox Interactive is bringing Surviving the Abyss to Steam Early Access today under the Paradox Arc label. The debut title from Belfast-based Rocket Flair Studios, Surviving the Abyss is a hardcore base-building survival game for PC in which players must build a self-sufficient science lab on the seabed. The game is available to buy and play now and during the Early Access period at a suggested retail price of €19,99.

In Surviving the Abyss, players assume responsibility for a deep-sea research facility tasked with conducting secret experiments at the height of the Cold War. By exploring and mining the seabed, they gain access to the resources needed to turn on the lights, feed the scientists, and develop new augments.

dangers in the dark

However, unseen dangers lurk just behind the headlights, awaiting any mistake or opportunity to reclaim the seabed. The base must be built, the darkness explored, and finally players must face their own fears - they may survive another day in the deep.

Through research, Survivors can unlock the ability to tame animals. Care must be taken, however, as some species can prove hostile if not properly placated. The survivors can name, heal, train, play with, guide or even slaughter their animals. To control taming and training priorities, players use the new activity "Ranch".

Preview Product Rating Price
Xbox Series X Xbox Series X* 569,00 EUR

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