Swedish publisher Paradox Interactive has announced that 
the space strategy game Stellaris on February 26th for the Xbox One and consoles
Playstation 4 appears. Pre-orders of the standard version as well as a deluxe edition are now possible.

Release of the Stellaris Console Edition

The standard version of Stellaris for Xbox One and Playstation 4 costs around 40 euros, while the deluxe version with the Plantoid Species Pack, the Leviathans Story Pack and the Utopia expansion costs just under 60 euros. Both versions can already be pre-ordered.

As in the successful PC template, Stellaris also appeals to fans of sprawling strategy games in the console version. In terms of content, the Stellaris: Console Edition will correspond to the version for PC, with the exception of the number of stars, which will be reduced to 600 (1.000 on the PC).


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In the future, the console variant will also be supplied with extensions and updates. A revised tutorial will be available for beginners.

Stellaris focuses on the discovery of a procedurally created galaxy with innumerable planetary systems. On their travels through space, players will encounter various extraterrestrial peoples who can be friendly but also hostile. The playful possibilities of this 4X game are extensive: exploration, research, conquest and development are only the four cornerstones of the space strategy game title.

For the adaptation, Paradox Interactive has entered into a cooperation with Tantalus Media. Stellaris: Console Edition will be released on Tuesday, February 26, 2019.

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