The next big strategy game from Paradox Interactive is about to start. The Swedish developer and publisher has set the release date of Imperator: Rome for April 25, 2019. The "Grand Strategy Game" will be released for PC and can be pre-ordered now.

Greetings to the emperor

Good news from Stockholm: the "Grand Strategy" video game Imperator: Rome will be released at the end of April. The successor to Europa Universalis will be the next big title from the Swedish developer studio, which is known for its complex strategy games.

The scenario is the time of Roman antiquity, when politicians still wore sandals and peace and war alternated at regular intervals.

Players will most likely expect an interlinked political, economic and military system that takes place in the classic setting of Roman times. In the announcement, Paradox particularly emphasizes the government mechanisms. Imperator: According to the publisher, Rome will offer the previously detailed map environments that Paradox has so far integrated into games. In addition to military tactics and politics, it is also about building a functioning trade in goods.

According to Paradox Interactive, the game should also be supplied with downloadable content in the long term.

Imperator: Rome can be pre-ordered for around 40 euros.

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