It has long been known that Paradox Interactive is planning to implement some popular video games as board games, and it is now clear: The localized version of the Cities: Skylines board game is published by Kosmos in this country. The building game is aimed at two to four players, but can also be played in a solo mode. Cities: Skylines is one of the innovations from Kosmos for the upcoming International Game Days 2019 in Essen - the publisher is therefore planning to publish it in October.

The Paradox board games have remained quiet for a long time: Almost exactly a year ago we reported that the Swedish publisher and developer Paradox Interactive was implementing four of its most popular Video game series as board games plans: Crusader Kings, Europa Universalis, Hearts of Iron and the Cities: Skylines that the Kosmos publishing house will localize for the German market and publish as a novelty at SPIEL'19.

Cities: Skylines for casual and connoisseur gamers

Around six million gamers have created more or less functioning mega-metropolises in the video game, which was released for PC and consoles. From autumn, analog game fans will also be able to build their dream cities. Cities: Skylines should appeal to casual gamers and connoisseurs alike, according to the publisher Kosmos. This is made possible by the increasing degree of complexity in the course of the game.

The Cities: Skylines board game works with different scenarios: “Starting with an introductory scenario, in each game the players build different cities with unique buildings and structures. At the beginning, the players stand in front of an undeveloped area. They set up the first residential, commercial and industrial areas and gradually open up new quarters.” This is how the publisher describes the start of the game.

As in the video game template, environmental factors such as environment, crime, traffic flow and education play a role. In addition, players must use their financial resources together in a planned manner. That alone indicates that Cities: Skylines will be a purely cooperative board game. The publisher says: "Everyone is developing the city together and must coordinate well in order to advance the development as cleverly as possible". Kosmos specifies the playing time as around 70 minutes. The board game is aimed at one to four players aged ten and up.

Cities: Skylines in the board game version contains 6 map tiles, an administration board, 8 administration markers, 48 ​​area tiles, 37 building tiles, 120 playing cards, 26 money tiles, starting player symbols, a skyline with 2 feet and 2 satisfaction indicators.

Publication is planned for October, the month of SPIEL'19. The board game should cost around 35 euros.

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