The third installment of the award-winning legacy game series Pandemic Legacy by Matt Leacock and Rob Daviau will be released later this year. “Zero” is the number of the new offshoot, the player placed in the middle of the Cold War. Asmodee Germany confirms that the board game will be released this year.

Pandemic Legacy: Season 0 takes place many years before the modern offshoots and serves as the prequel of the trilogy. It's 1962: the Spiegel Affair, the founding of the Rolling Stones, the death of Marilyn Monroe, but above all the Cold War dominate current affairs - and then there are the Soviets with their dangerous bioweapons project. At least the latter is fiction. And the hook for part “Zero” from Pandemic Legacy.

CIA agents on a secret mission

In Pandemic Legacy: Season 0, two to four players slip into the roles of CIA agents. They have to operate covertly to investigate a dangerous Soviet project - and ultimately to stop it. That is the premise of the new Legacy game from Matt Leacock and Rob Daviau. Deadly war weapons disaster instead of “just virus”, so to speak.

The players have to work together, decide together, cooperate. Over the course of a one-year game campaign, players will be entrusted with missions that will take them to the remotest corners of the world: from Washington DC to the tundra of Siberia. Any success or failure will bring you closer to the truth about the Soviets, “MEDUSA” and their fellow agents.

One of the few pictures that already show the game components. Image: Asmodee Germany

One of the few pictures that already show the game components. Image: Asmodee Germany


Just like in the first two offshoots of the “Pandemic: Legacy” trilogy, new cards, rules and conditions come into play with each game, each with an impact on future games. The legacy factor, i.e. the permanent changes, makes every game unique and every game a special experience for the group of players. The classic: Stickers add positive and negative additions, locked boxes bring new material into play during the course of the campaign, events and tasks are added if the legacy deck dictates.

The teaser gives a foretaste of the board game:


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The first part of the series appeared in 2015, the successor around two years later. The reviews were overwhelming back then, are still today and will - probably - also be again with Pandemic Legacy: Season 0. The board game should appear this year, but Asmodee has not yet announced an exact release date.

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