The board game Pandemic has disappeared from the stores in its digital version. Apparently only temporarily, as can be read from a statement by Asmodee Digital and Z-Man Games. The publishers still do not comment on the exact reasons. 

An internet user first noticed that the digital board game for Pandemic had disappeared from the stores, as did the Colt Express and Splendor, at least in the Google Play Store. At first, the publishers had said nothing about the reasons, but now there is a short statement on request.

Pandemic: Digital board game too old?

On the Reddit web platform, users discussed the reasons after removing Pandemic. Some considered sensitivity to be possible in the wake of the rampant virus pandemic, while others cited licensing considerations as the reason. Other players suspect some kind of relaunch behind the measure. Ultimately, Asmodee Digital and Z-Man Games had not commented further.

There is now a clue: Pandemic could simply be too old in the digital version. When asked, Asmodee Digital and Z-Man Games shared, "The Pandemic app was released nine years ago and we no longer believe the current quality and reliability of the game matches what Pandemic deserves on digital platforms." from the publishers. It's time to make way for Pandemic's digital future.

For this reason, they want to gradually remove the current Pandemic games published by Asmodee Digital from all digital stores. "Current owners are unaffected," Asmodee Digital and Z-Man Games state. "All players who have already purchased the game can continue to play and download it. “Thank you to the community for the great support over the past few years. Asmodee Digital said they did not want to give any further explanations.

Apparently, the digital board game should at least remain playable online via Board Game Arena.


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