The 2021 board game Overboss: A Boss Monster Adventure by Aaron Mesburne and Kevin Russ is being adapted as a video game. This is announced by the publisher Brotherwise Games. The title already has a Steam page. 

There is a Steam preview page, you can already put the video game adaptation of Overboss on your wish list and you can also watch a trailer for the game. What is not yet available for the adaptation is a release date. 

Pixel board game as pixel video game

Goblinz Publishing is responsible for distributing the game. The game developer had previously released titles such as Terraformers, Legend of Keepers and Banners of Ruin. 

The title is being developed by TavroxGames and Brotherwise Games. The latter are behind the template, which is a spin-off of the pixel board game Boss Monster, published in Germany by Pegasus Spiele. 

Players take on the role of a bully to create a world where heroes are miserable. The goal: to become the ultimate baddie - just as you know it from the pixel game era. Ultimately, you follow the style: Oberboss is pixelated, but charming. As a player, you choose from the various available landscape parts which you want to place in your level. This is how you gradually build up your kingdom and use monsters. There are points for that.

In Overboss, players will be able to play against friends via a local split-screen mode, or go head-to-head with them via online multiplayer. The video game will also feature an all-solo mode in which players must achieve high scores and increase their boss rating. 

The template of the same name Overboss: A Boss Monster Adventure was released in 2021 and is aimed at one to five players. In a competitive environment, they strive to become the best of all bosses. The principle of the game is the same: you place game board parts, which are then scored differently, may have prerequisites or trigger combinations. The simple gameplay is fun, especially for fans of retro video games. 

A Steam page for Overboss: A Boss Monster Adventure This already exists. So far it is unclear when the adaptation will appear and what the price will be. 


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