The topic of the tabletop skirmish game Outlaw Gangs is martial and the name says it all: It's about the tough everyday gang life of bikers. You know this from the cinema or TV, but on the gaming table the topic is rather unspent. Until now. A crowdfunding campaign is currently running on Kickstarter and it's got off to a surprisingly good start. For the creators of the game, it is now important to let the tires smoke in order to create the last percentages up to the financing goal.

Steffen Rolfs initiated the project together with Luca and Timo. Every now and then the daughter helps with the image processing, otherwise the trio relies on a sober presentation for the Kickstarter campaign that is now running - it works anyway. This is probably due to the topic of the tabletop miniature game, because as a member of a biker gang, players have rarely been able to pass the time.

Outlaw Gangs: Goes pretty well

The makers behind Outlaw Gangs haven't been working on their game idea for a particularly long time: it came up last summer, and then more by a kind of coincidence. Project starter Steffen - himself a motorcyclist and club member - lives in Portugal, where there is a lot of road and landscape for bike rides, but otherwise few players when it comes to tabletop gaming. So he mainly wrote solo campaigns for himself. So Steffen added up his hobby and hobby and turned it into a work that was ready for publication - with Luca and Timo.

The title is initially classic in terms of gameplay, but the setting itself is new. "Of course, one difficulty is to incorporate a few special features into a new set of rules, but of course you can't reinvent the wheel with a tabletop skirmish game," says Steffen. It's "actually going really well". The set of rules is quite well developed and a few miniatures are already finished.

The biggest challenge at the moment, as Steffen puts it with his fine biker tongue, is the "whole Kickstarter stuff". But it works surprisingly well. The trio wants to earn 4.500 euros with the campaign to realize the game - and they already have around 2.700 euros of that in their motorcycle bags. For the remaining 40 percent, the makers have until May 25th, namely then the crowdfunding campaign ends.


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The trio behind the campaign is not starting from scratch: "So far we have already pre-financed a few things, but of course it was not entirely clear how great the interest would be," says Steffen, who should be happy to see the number of his supporters.

At least a little one could have anticipated the good launch in advance: in one founded for the tabletop game Facebook Group there is a lot of interest. Nevertheless: "I didn't really count on it," says Steffen about the first success, "and I have absolutely no idea what will happen in 30 days". The main thing is that the goal is reached first. The creators behind Outlaw Gangs are very happy about the response that their idea has received.

No matter which side: the main thing is bad

Steffen and co make no secret of the fact that the protagonists of their game will not necessarily be among the sympathizers. "That's just how it is with Outlaw Gangs," says Steffen. So the domestic tabletop space becomes a playground for lots of nasty gang behavior. How can you imagine that? Think of the video game GTA and how you just let it all out there.

And then Steffen suddenly shows a hint of feeling: "But there will certainly be a few scenarios in the campaign where you have to do something good." to somehow make yourself a little popular in the role-playing game.

Otherwise, however, the focus is on Outlaw Gangs, which is probably not an issue for most players in everyday life. "Of course, Sons of Anarchy doesn't quite correspond to reality, but of course there's been a lot of heavy stuff in the past," says Steffen. "So in the game you're going to be more of a villain, no matter which side you're on."

Solo rules and a campaign will also be part of the game experience. So if you want, you can shoot or play your own motorcycle film. Steffen, Luca and Timo drew on unlimited resources for the design: Sons of Anarchy, Easy Rider, Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man, "I think it's really cool", says Steffen, but the PC game GTA with all its gangs also has it done to him. The wild mix sounds like ideal breeding ground for the skirmish tabletop setting.

The formula for success is terribly simple: you simply use what interests you. In this project it was motorcycles, good film templates and tabletop gaming. Steffen Rolfs has been dealing with this for a long time. "I myself started with Warhammer Fantasy and today I prefer to play more historical settings," he explains, giving examples: Saga, Battlegroup, Fire and Fure (ACW), Chain of Command or Specter Operations, "but I also find Deadmans Hand or Gunfighters Ball very cool".

The rulebook for the tabletop skirmish game is basically in place. Pictures: Outlaw Gangs

The rulebook for the tabletop skirmish game is basically in place. Pictures: Outlaw Gangs

And there's something else that's surprisingly innovative about the outlaw gang motorcycle setting - something you don't give much thought to. "There are relatively few games that play in the present anyway," explains Steffen. Fantasy, post-apocalypse, the Middle Ages, science fiction - there are actually many themes for miniature tabletops, few in the "real world". So, in a weird way, Outlaw Gangs fills a gap.

The trio feels they are in good hands with the idea on Kickstarter. "A Kickstarter is a good thing for such a small team to be able to implement everything that is planned," explains Steffen. Corona was not a big problem, "you basically have more time for something like that," says Steffen.

The response from the first supporters is great. Nevertheless: "Actually, everything is a challenge," says Steffen Rolfs. And then the tough rocker's ass goes to the ground: "But the biggest challenge is that the players like it afterwards."

As a role-playing motorcycle fan, you can't go much wrong anyway: the set of rules (available in German or English, by the way) costs 15 euros as a PDF, the softcover costs 22 euros and those who want to treat themselves to the adventure as hardcover pays ten Euros more. The full experience then also includes resin miniatures, the price is then with a price from 69 euros on the usual level of a miniature board game.

Supporters have to wait a long time for one successful campaign Incidentally, not, the work should be shipped in September 2021.

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