The publisher Orsprey Games, responsible for Undaunted and Judge Dredd, among others, is releasing a new civilization game with deck building mechanics in the coming year. The idea for the asymmetrical Nigel Buckle and Dávid Turczi delivered the game. The two stand-alone versions will appear under the names Imperium: Classic and Imperium: Legends in May 2021.

After board games such as Anachrony, Kitchen Rush and, most recently, Tekhenu, author Dávid Turczi is bringing another promising title onto the market with the two Empire Civilization Games. Together with the publisher Osprey Games, but above all with Nigel Buckle, who wrote the sci-fi board game Omega Centauri from 2014.

Imperium: Independent double pack available from May 2021

Up to four players control the fate of their 16 available civilizations in the two asymmetrical offshoots Imperium Classic and Imperium: Legends. The basic concept is classic: players push for conquests and advance the scientific progress of their people, but at the same time have to ensure that there is no unrest and that social life is in equilibrium.

A highlight: Each game - i.e. Imperium Classic and Imperium: Legends - contains eight civilizations each, but they are compatible with each other, so that players who have both stand-alone versions can choose from a total of 16 civilizations. Among the peoples there are classics like the Romans or Egyptians, but the British from the Arthurian saga or the people of Atlantis should also be playable - the distinction between “Classic” and “Legends” becomes clearly visible.

In the official announcement, author Nigel Buckle commented on the double game: “I got my interest in history with my passion for board games for empire combined. Buckle said he really enjoyed working with Dávid, the Osprey team, and The Mico. Where he mentions The Mico, actually Mihajlo Dimitrievski: The illustrator gives the two games an unmistakable style. Dimitrievski has worked on board games such as Robbers of the North Sea and Paladins of Western France.

Both specimens are well equipped. Dávid Turczi states that both games can be played in a solo mode and contain more than 400 unique cards. The playable races are already confirmed. Carthaginians, Celts, Greeks, Macedonians, Persians, Romans, Scythians and Vikings are available in the classic version. In the Legends version, fans can choose to play the Arthurian, Atlantis, Egyptian, Mauryan, Minoan, Olmec, Qin and utopian civilization.

Imperium Classic and Imperium: Legends are scheduled for May 2021.


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