Germany is celebrating the Playstation 5. Ideally, all fans should now hold a Playstation 5 in their hands, at least in theory. Has manufacturer Sony underestimated the launch of the Playstation 5? After the first two pre-order phases, which did not go entirely without problems, players should be able to pre-order a console again from today. Actually.

Gamestop announced that a console could be reserved at midnight on November 19th. As expected, however, the retail chain's website has been overwhelmed by the volume of concurrent requests. When it was later possible to access the reservation page again, there were no more copies of the Playstation 5. A little later, Gamestop announced that they would no longer be able to sell consoles until further notice. Gamestop wants to inform about new contingents.

And Amazon? There, too, they had announced that they would make a small contingent of consoles available for sale on November 19 at 13 p.m. However, Amazon has already stated that they cannot provide an exact delivery date. Furthermore, the contingent would probably be quickly sold out despite the exact time. This is exactly what happened: in the early afternoon all copies of the Playstation 5 were sold out, both the digital edition and the version with a drive.

Playstation 5: are purchase bots also in the game?

It can of course be fans with quick fingers who have bought the Playstation 5 contingents within a short period of time. However, it is also conceivable that entire batches have been bought up by bots. These bots search online stores for goods and automatically make purchases. Resellers can then sell the products to desperate gamers at overpriced prices. Corresponding reports have already been received from the United States, including the Nintendo Switch had bots in the game at times.

Players who pre-ordered their console in time will be able to play launch titles starting today. However, it should be mentioned that the Playstation 5 did not come onto the market without problems. This is indicated by at least a few reports from players in the USA: Among other things, a download error is said to cause a reset to factory settings.

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Furthermore, errors should also occur in the transition versions of the PS4 games that contain an update to the PS5 console. Here the Playstation 5 probably loads the version of the Playstation 4 instead of the next generation version of the Playstation 5. However, this error can be corrected manually by selecting the correct version in the library. Occasional players also report crashing consoles that are in sleep mode. A firmware update could already have helped.

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