Uwe Rosenberg is one of the most successful and well-known game designers. With Oranienburger Kanal, one of his games is now starting a crowdfunding campaign for the first time. For the first time a Rosenberg game will be published by the small German publisher Spielworxx.

With the Oranienburger Kanal, Uwe Rosenberg's most complex game of 2022, which he says himself, is now starting crowdfunding. This is the first time a Rosenberg title has been crowdfunded. It is also the first time that one of his titles will be published by Spielworxx. Developed under the working title "Traffic Routes", the game claims to be the most complex of its games this year. As with the one that has already appeared in Edition Spielwiese framework, is also available Oranienburg Canal a laying mechanism, which is not central here. There is a worker placement mechanism here.

Oranienburger Kanal - complex placement game for 2

The eponymous Oranienburg Canal was built in Brandenburg between 1832 and 1837. The Havel was difficult to navigate at the Oranienburger mills. Therefore, a canal was built from the Havel, which also includes the old Ruppin Canal at the Oranienburg Canal Cross. During the industrialization of the 19th century, many companies settled along this important waterway, leading to the construction of new roads and railways.

In Oranienburg Canal players plan and build new locations for industries using resources they mine and refine. The plans become reality over time. Paths, roads, rails and new sections of the canal are being built. Finally, bridges can also be built. These connect the structures and thus offer more opportunities to expand and achieve the greatest economic success in order to become the most respected entrepreneur.

Development game with a historical theme

In the game, the players build their structures on their own industry boards. The actions are available on the general action plan. Some actions are only unlocked over time when the building stacks available in three colors are emptied one after the other. As is typical for Rosenberg, there are very many of these buildings. There is an A and B deck with 60 buildings each. Their effects are activated only when the tile is surrounded by four routes, or when the second bridge connects the building to another. The raw materials are managed with the help of the building material wheels.

The game is played over several rounds. The end is heralded when the stack of blue buildings (before green and orange become empty) becomes empty. Each of these rounds is divided into two phases. In the action phase, the two players alternately carry out exactly 5 actions. So whoever starts this phase may carry out 3 actions, the other person only 2. There are a total of seven action spaces available. These allow you to erect buildings, build routes and bridges or obtain raw materials. In addition, there are two Anytime Actions.

When the action phase is over, the next round is prepared. The buildings are filled up and everyone can spin their building material wheel once for free. In addition, talers are distributed to the action spaces and the starting player marker moves on.

At the end there are prestige points for the erected buildings, remaining coins and raw materials, prestige markers and built routes with the exception of the paths. There are negative points for empty track spaces. Whoever has achieved the most prestige wins the game.

The game is recommended for 1 or 2 people aged 12 and over and lasts 45-90 minutes. As usual in Rosenberg games, the solo mode is an optimization high score hunt.

Those interested can play the game in the game forge or on gamefound support. Crowdfunding on Gamefound got off to a flying start and the funding goal was reached after almost exactly 30 minutes. In the same time, the target of the games company was reached by almost 40%.

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