The much-anticipated year 2021 is already underway! That means we are now at exactly the right time to make a list of the games we should definitely play this year.

Below is a list of new games to look forward to this year. Some of them are timeless classics, others are first appearing, and many are next series of hit games before.

Whatever the reasons to play, let's take a look at this list of the games in 2021 that we can look forward to the most. You can find more games on Stake7 .


It's not Left 4 Dead 3, but it's like it is. Players have long been waiting for better and funnier cooperative zombie shooting, and they should get it this year.

Turtle Rock Studios have no rights to Left 4 Dead IP, but nobody prevents them from making a spiritual sequel. This is a team that worked on the last two games in the series so they definitely know what they're doing. In addition to a 4-player co-op story campaign, they are also preparing a competitive multiplayer component for Back 4 Blood.

In addition, they promised that every transition will be fun and interesting as they plan a rogue-lite system with maps that offer a variety of challenges and levels of difficulty. So far only the computer version is mentioned, but versions for consoles will probably be prepared at some point as well.

Development team: Turtle Rock Studios

platforms: PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, XSX/S, Switch

Release Date: 22. June


It's been almost four years since we got the new game from the creators of the Dishonored series and the great reboot Prey. The last two games they worked on with the Machine Games team weren't exactly successful. We have been waiting patiently for their new IP deathloop since 2019.

In this action game we will try to break the time loop successfully and escape from Blackreef Island. Each new attempt should make our task easier. If you activate the multiplayer component, you can make your life difficult. In addition to common enemies, an agent from the other side managed by artificial intelligence or another player can also be activated.

If there is no further delay, in a few months we'll see what this world has to offer.

Development team: Arkane Studios

platforms: PC, PS5

Release Date: 21. May


Lovers of the scary and the paranormal should look forward to this year. There will be no shortage of horror and games that will bring you paranoia. One of them should be Ghostwire: Tokyo. According to the official description, this is an action adventure where you explore the capital of Japan where all sorts of supernatural phenomena occur.

This, of course, means that you have special skills to research and solve these. Unfortunately, this is another project that has reportedly encountered problems and one of the main women in the studio, Ikumi Nakamura, resigned in late 2019. There aren't a lot of details, but the game should be available for PCs this year and temporarily exclusively for the PlayStation 5.

Development team: Tango Gameworks

Platforms: PC, PS5

Release date: in 2021.


Human tragedies in the real world are a common subject in popular books, films, series, and even games. The Chernobyl nuclear disaster caught some Hollywood attention with the Netflix production series of the same name, and players should be rewarded with STALKER 2.

The radioactive zone, in this case with paranormal phenomena and all kinds of mutated beings as well as people who don't even know how to survive there, receives a new version through a combination of FPS and simulation with elements of horror.

In its time, the original STALKER was extremely realistic. Radioactive radiation, sleep, food, bleeding - you had to take care of everything yourself. It can be assumed that GSC Game World does not intend to deviate from its original game ideas, but only to refine them. What they have shown so far has been full of experiences and discomfort, and the ultimate experience will certainly be like that.

Development team: GSC Game World

platforms: PC, XSX/S

Release Date: in the year 2021.