You'd think that as a passionate gambler you would have seen everything in online casinos long ago. In times when graphic quality is almost more important than good content for games, many casino games, some of which are old-fashioned, should go downhill. If you look at the popularity of online casinos in 2017, it quickly becomes clear that the trend is unbroken. Once again this year, online gambling is one of the playful highlights for frequent gamers and occasional lucky hunters. In the following article we present you the trends of 2018 in the online casino.

Popular classics: slot games are booming in 2018

Slots are an integral part of a good online casino. With their rather simple game mechanics, low entry barriers and lucrative profit opportunities, slot games are among the most popular offers of the virtual gambling. The popularity remained unbroken in 2018: no serious casino operator can ignore video slots. Even if classic slots still lure many players in front of the screens in most casinos, future-oriented game providers have to add new variants to their portfolio.

Online casinos still in trend: Become a millionaire in one minute?

With the number of blockbusters in the areas of “Movies” and “Video Gaming” as well as numerous strong franchises, it can be assumed that numerous video slots will appear in the course of 2018 that are thematically based on popular licenses. Partnerships between slot developers and licensees set the direction for the current casino season. Video slots that implement film content from “Suicide Squad” or “Batman vs. Superman” are considered to be almost safe so that ambitious adventurers can put on their virtual hero's tights. Popular movie characters are just ideal hooks for action-packed, exciting slot games - and they are guaranteed not to be missing in the gaming year 2018.

The casino industry is growing steadily thanks to the development of new technologies. Overall, it's not just about inventing new content. The processing of existing gaming systems will also be one of the 2018 trends in online casinos. Numerous popular slot classics are waiting to be rejuvenated.

Live casino gaming: At the gaming table in a jogging suit

The fact that casinos in the real world and their virtual counterparts keep moving closer together became particularly clear with the introduction of so-called "live casinos". The possibilities of modern communication technology transport the "real casino game" directly to the home screen. In 2018, passionate gamblers can do without long journeys and compliance with clothing rules: Frequent gamers and newbies can come to the gaming table in comfortable jogging suits if they wish. Professional "live dealers" ensure an atmosphere like in a real casino. Casino classics such as roulette or poker are now part of the content of interactive live casinos, which even run in HD quality on mobile devices - and the offers will likely be expanded in the course of the year.

Numerous players have already used such services in the past year, setting new standards in the area of ​​online gambling. Serious casino providers will have to adjust their offers in line with trends in order to be able to keep up with the competition. Casino players benefit from this: competition stimulates business. Innovative software developers such as the Scandinavian company NetEnt are partly responsible for the boom in live dealer games.

Find the right online casino

With the large number of online casinos, countless slot machine games, classics and advertised free games, it is difficult to keep track, especially for beginners. Finding the right online casino is a task that needs to be accomplished long before the first spin. Instead of struggling through the individual offers on their own, future gamblers can use informative casino portals that scrutinize casino game providers.

Online casinos still in trend: Become a millionaire in one minute?

Every newcomer should invest a little research in the selection of "his" future stamp of luck before it finally comes down to: Click here for the free free spins in online casinos! Casino ratings are important for players to be able to infer the seriousness of an online casino before they register there and divulge their personal data. Nothing is more annoying than leaving sensitive account information on a seedy website, whose true intentions can only be recognized as a user afterwards. Using the services of casino portals is therefore more than just a possibility - it is a must for every ambitious online gambler.

Casinos on mobile devices

Smart devices such as cell phones or tablets have had a lasting impact on communication in the modern world. Online casinos without running mobile games are hardly able to survive these days. The providers have long since recognized that casino games for mobile devices are the future. The number of mobile casinos is growing steadily and slot machine games and live casinos for smart devices will continue to boom in 2018: mobile casinos are recording double-digit growth rates every year. For casino providers, the move to mobile online casinos is not just a chance to survive in the competitive market, but a clear sign of innovation, customer friendliness and seriousness.

VR casinos, which in combination with modern smartphones provide completely new gaming experiences, also belong to the area of ​​the more mobile casino solutions. Even if virtual reality remains a trending topic in 2018, the offerings in this segment will only expand slowly. The user numbers are probably too low this year to help this new technology make a breakthrough. In any case, the basic technical requirements for realistic gambling are already in place today.

Gamified slot machine games

“Gamification” is a trend that will revolutionize slot machine games in particular. The fact that classic game systems and video games are merging more and more is evident every year at trade and consumer fairs like the gamescom in Cologne clear. There have been high-quality examples of slots that feel like video games in the past.

Online casinos still in trend: Become a millionaire in one minute?

The developers mostly rely on recognizable content that is taken from popular films or games. One of the gamified video slots at all is "Aliens" (NetEnt), which lets players slip into the boots of a daring soldier in order to go into battle against the eponymous monsters. The level-based implementation is more reminiscent of a classic first-person shooter than a slot machine game. Nevertheless - or above all because of this - such slots will be among the casino trends of 2018. Innovative content not only brings a breath of fresh air to the casino segment, but also helps to open up completely new target groups. Today's gamer may be tomorrow's gambler.

New payment methods: Bitcoins

Cryptocurrencies are currently on everyone's lips - also because Bitcoin with its cheerful chart jumps is always a topic of conversation. Overall, hardly any online casino can avoid the topic of cryptocurrency this year. Allowing Bitcoins as a common payment method in online casinos will be one of the most important trends for casinos in 2018. From the point of view of casino providers, Bitcoins are likely to be slumbering as “dead capital” in many households.