Slot machines are probably one of the most popular variants of gambling in online casinos in the digital world too. The so-called slot machines work according to the random principle and, at first glance, hardly allow the player to make a targeted profit. There are actually no special tricks for slot machines, but you can optimize your gaming strategy if you critically examine the functionality and system of online slot machines. In the area of ​​slot machines, too, everything revolves around probabilities - and thus the sub-area of ​​mathematics that allows gamblers to increase their chances of winning by using clever tricks.

The following article shows that this also works on virtual slot machines in online casinos. 

Keyword: expected loss

Anyone who deals more intensively with the subject of gambling, sooner or later automatically comes across the concept of expected loss. Contrary to popular belief that it is the expected amount of money a player will lose on their next bet, the expected loss is an average. This becomes all the more understandable if you look at the exact opposite term: namely the expected profit. It is well known that the odds are higher on the casino side than on the lucky knight's side. The online casino determines its advantages in the individual game variants through the average expected profit per player. This value is different depending on the type of game of chance. For example, suppose the bank edge in a game of chance is 5 percent. If you are now planning to bet an amount of 10 euros, your expected loss is calculated using the formula 10x (5/100) and is 0,50 euros. That sounds attractive at first, but it does not correspond to the actual amount that you lose in a game: instead, the 0,50 euros is an average value that you achieve with an enormous number of game rounds. So the longer you play, the closer you get to the expected loss value. Since new bets have to be made with each round of the game, the “stamina advantage” is on the part of the always liquid casino. This can be easily illustrated with a round of roulette. Suppose you bet on red or black all the time, so you either win or lose all of your stake. Over time you will lose 10 cents for every 50 euros you wager. Experienced players now know that the actual loss approaches the expected value as the number of game rounds increases. Now, the trick, taking the risk into account, is to quit gambling soon enough to get out of a game with actual winnings.

This also applies when you join the online casino Play slot machines would. In addition to the size of the stakes, the length of the game, the house edge of the casino and the speed of slots are essential to determine the correct strategy of the money stake. Fortunately, slot machine enthusiasts generally have higher odds on the internet than in local gambling clubs. In the case of a slot machine, the players determine their own game speed; namely by pressing the so-called spin button, which sets the reels in motion. The simple slot machine trick: with slower game processes you will achieve significantly more playing time for your planned use - at least if the impatience does not overcome the player beforehand. 

Slot machine tips: Pay attention to the payout percentages

Payout percentages often sound attractive in games of chance. Fixed payout quotas also apply to game rounds on online slot machines, the amount of which is given in percentages. So if you read as a player that the payout rate is 97 percent for a certain game, you could assume that the chances of winning are quite high. What the payout percentages hide at first glance, however, is the important information that is hidden behind them. For every euro wagered, a player loses a value outlined by the payout ratio: at 97 percent, you lose 3 cents per euro. If you have a total credit of 100 euros for games on a slot machine and press the spin button 100 times, you will end up with 97 euros of the credit remaining.

If you continue to play, the balance (now only 97 euros) is reduced by a further three percent. Therefore, the following applies: the higher the payout rate, the longer you can play with your credit if you use it skillfully. It is therefore sensible to find out about the respective payout percentages of the online slot machines before starting the game in order to ensure that the game is fun for as long as possible.    

Strategy for the slot machine: pay attention to the prize categories

Numerous different slot strategies are discussed in theory. So if you regularly attend the online casino Play slot machines you should at least educate yourself on the basic coin tactics. First of all, it is important to be aware of the basic functionality of an online slot machine. There are different symbols on a certain number of reels, the combinations of which determine the winning cases. The result of a game round is already determined by pressing the spin button. The rotation of the rollers, on the other hand, is a purely optical and acoustic show. In fact, the programming of the slot machine ensures that the different prize categories occur with different degrees of probability. Small wins are the most common, while large wins are the least common. It is important to know, however, that the winnings can never exceed the value of the fixed payout ratio in the long term. Playing on slot machines is more like a probability bet than a real game of chance.    

Online casinos: tips for the slot machine

The best slot machine tip: Always remember the rules about the payout percentages and keep in mind that the “perfect odds” can only be achieved with a high number of game rounds. Therefore, always keep an eye on the perfect time to quit so that you leave the online casino with a profit. 

Slot strategy: From high stakes and good odds

Playing slot machines means submitting to fixed probabilities. The trick is to lengthen the gaming experience so that the player gets as much thrill as possible for his use. However, real adventurers can also win big on an online slot machine relatively early after the game has started - in this respect, luck is always part of the game.

The following rule of thumb applies: the lower the stake, the longer you can play (entertainment strategy). On the other hand, higher payout percentages are regularly offered for high stakes. If the player is only interested in achieving higher profits, it makes sense to adapt the coin strategy to this (winning strategy). With an online slot machine you can choose the number of coins used per spin to be relatively variable. As a rule, the winnings increase the higher the stakes made. On the one hand, because the sheer probability of a winning combination on the reels increases, on the other hand, because the winning values ​​are higher. However, this only applies if the number of coins used has an influence on the possible winnings according to the machine programming. If you want to make a profit, you should inform yourself about it before playing on the slot machine in order to calculate the expected value.

Online casinos: tips for the slot machine

In the end, there is more to slot machines than meets the eye. Depending on the intention of the game, the betting strategy can be different. In any case, the entertainment value should always be high enough so that playing on the online slot machine is also fun.