Terraforming Mars is now also being implemented as a dice game - at least that is the plan of Stronghold Games. The publisher wants to finance the idea via crowdfunding on Kickstarter. The spin-off title aims to appeal to fans of the template, but be significantly faster and easier to play. 

Sometimes they exist: exceptional board games that leave a lasting impression on a large number of fans. Gloomhaven for example, or Nemesis, or Brass: Birmingham. And Jacob Fryxelius space strategy game Terraforming Mars is undoubtedly one of the unforgettable game titles. The need for publishers to capitalize on this is correspondingly great. With expansion, the base game has been enriched with new content, but the Area Expedition offshoot was much less well received than the original. Now Stronghold Games and FryxGames want to try again - and plan Terraforming Mars as a dice game. 

Terraforming Mars: The Dice Game

In the template, players take on the roles of rival corporations trying to make Mars habitable. The engine builder doesn't look like much, but in terms of gameplay it's a safe bet: even today you can't go wrong with the purchase. The board game by Jacob Fryxelius and illustrations by Isaac Fryxelius was published in German at the time by Schwerkraft-Verlag. Several extensions followed.

Then the idea came up to address the strategy game chunk to an even broader player base with the simpler version as Terraforming Mars: Ares Expedition. It didn't go completely wrong, but the version didn't go down as well with fans of the original as might have been hoped. Now it's supposed to be a dice game, they're trendy anyway. Several popular board games have been or are being revived as roll-and-write games, among other things - that was the case with Dinosaur Island and Dinosau World respectively. And it worked very well. Even the heavyweight Twilight Imperium gets a corresponding offshoot - but it's no more space-saving than its template.   

Terraforming Mars: The Dice Game is expected to launch in 2023. The dice game is to be financed by swarm funding on Kickstarter. There is not much information about the title yet, but it will be faster and easier to play than a complete board game, which is typical for the genre. 

It is not yet clear when exactly the crowdfunding will start. reserve you can look at the campaign already. The other basic data such as price, content, game process or an exact release date are not yet known. 

The premise remains: In the 2400s, humanity aspires to colonize Mars. Corporations, sponsored by Earth's world government, are initiating terraforming projects to increase the Red Planet's temperature, oxygen levels, and ocean cover. In Terraforming Mars, players each embody one of these corporations and collaborate in the terraforming process, but compete for victory points, which are awarded not only for their contribution to terraforming, but also for the advancement of human infrastructure throughout the solar system, and other commendable things.

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