If you haven't played the cyberpunk horror detective game Observer before, you should perhaps wait until the improved version for next-gen consoles has been released. The Bloober team has now published a new trailer as part of the IGN Expo, which presents the visual charms of the revised version, called Observer: System Redux - and also provides first insights into the new story content.

If you don't know what to do with Observer, here is a brief overview. The game focuses on psychological horror and a story in which players move through a futuristic setting in the first person perspective that is most comparable to Blade Runner. The fact that the now deceased actor Rutger Hauer lends his voice to the main character Daniel Lazarski also adds to the "Blade Runner" feeling. Observer is set in Kraków, Poland in the year 2084. It all begins one bleak morning when Observer-Detective Lazarski finds a headless body.

Observer: System Redux relies on 4K, HDR and ray tracing

Observer hasn't been around that long. The game first appeared in 2017 and is now getting a rework around three years later. The Bloober team will port the game for the next generation of consoles and has worked hard on Observer - especially on the graphic presentation.

Observer: System Redux will use 4K graphics and support HDR and ray tracing. Overall, this leads to a visible look. A ten-minute gameplay video shows the splendor of the graphics of the rework:

The developers also reveal more about the new story elements in their walkthrough. Overall, the Bloober team has improved in countless areas and not just glued new textures over the old ones. The new story content should also have a noticeable effect on the gaming experience. The Bloober team expects the game time to be extended by around 20 percent - depending on the style of play. The original version of Observer was largely positively rated by critics and fans. The genre mix of horror, sci-fi and cyberpunk and the dense atmosphere are particularly successful.

Oberserver: System Redux appears in winter for Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X.

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