ALLEOVS is a game publisher that not only focuses on games for a younger target group, but also tries to combine gaming fun with learning processes. In this post we look at the number street game, an educational game about addition and subtraction up to 50. In another post we look at that Strategy game Four Kingdoms  

Number Street is a game where you can learn addition and subtraction in the number range up to 50 while playing. The setting of the game is a delivery service that has to deliver to ten households. Whoever manages to deliver all ten orders first wins.

Number road, the cards with different backs, photo: Tim Nissel 

Shuffle all house cards and deal one card of each color to each person, so everyone has ten cards. In addition, each person receives the start card with the value 0 (on the back there is a 51, for the more difficult variant), which they lay out face up in front of them.

Number road: Learn numbers while playing

The hand cards are also laid out openly, sorted according to the size of the numbers. 

Number road, construction, photo_ Tim Nissel

When it is your turn, you roll all three dice and see if you can reach the next largest house number with the dice. She can use a single die or combine all three. It is only important that the exact house number is reached. So only the starting card 0 is on display so far, the next card is a 4 and you rolled a 1,2,2. Then you can use the two 2s and lay out the 4. If you still have a 5 in your hand, you can place it as well. Otherwise your turn ends because you cannot reach another card. The last card laid out is always the starting position for the next cards.

The game ends when one person has placed all the cards. Then the current round is played to the end and all people who have completed their row win the game.

game variant

Instead of learning addition, you can also turn over the starting card and start with 51. Instead of adding the dice, you now always subtract them from the base card. 

Opinion on Number Street

The game is clearly aimed at a younger target group who want to learn the numbers up to 50 and addition and subtraction while playing. The steps that you can take in each move are also comparatively small, so that you don't have to act with too large numbers. Suits of the same suit always consist of 5 cards, so the distance between the last and the next card must be between 1 and 5. This is very useful for young people in particular, but it would also be nice if there had been a variant where the distances could be larger, so that larger bills were needed for the next card. If you are a bit creative, you can omit individual colors, for example, but then you need more luck with the dice at the same time.

The luck of the dice is also a small point of criticism from me. So it can happen that you cannot place a card because the dice do not match the card. That's a bit stupid because it's a competitive game and there aren't any strategy options. I could imagine that it also has potential for frustration if I can't place anything myself, but my opponent gradually discards cards. 

This could be avoided by focusing on the learning effect. Each person may roll the dice until they can discard at least one card. Then it can still happen that another person can discard several cards and I can only discard one, but the competition factor is somewhat lessened; especially if you don't play it as a competitive game.

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