The games manufacturer Schmidt Spiele has announced another novelty for spring: Paletti Spaghetti. The action game is aimed at children aged four and over. The topics? Spaghetti and cats, in that order. 

"One plate, lots of ingredients, up to four forks and one goal: to be the first to free your own spaghetti from the pasta mess". Schmidt Spiele is announcing the spring novelty Paletti Spaghetti, an action-packed children's board game in which pasta threads have to be wound up. However, these are blocked by various ingredients that must first be solved. A highlight: every move can also bring advantages for the other players.

Straighten out the noodle clutter

With Paletti Spaghetti there is a lot of confusion on the plate. All the spaghetti is tangled up and the many ingredients like mushrooms, tomatoes and cheese make for even more of a mess. It's not that easy to twist your own noodle on the fork - and win the game. The game is played in turns.

The person whose turn it is rolls the die and may remove the indicated ingredient from the plate. It is important to choose an ingredient pin that is particularly in the way of your own spaghetti - and if possible without helping the other players. So the game manufacturer for children has added a little twist

Then it's "Paletti Spaghetti" and all players turn the pasta on their forks as far as possible at the same time. The fewer of the 28 ingredients left on the plate, the easier it is to turn up. Whoever has his spaghetti on his fork first wins the action-packed game.

The set of rules is simple, there is a lot of movement and children have to make a choice again and again - with these three ingredients, Schmidt Spiele Paletti Spaghetti wants to make a success in the field of board games suitable for children. The title is aimed at two to four players aged four and over. One round only takes ten minutes. The game manufacturer calls for a price of around 23 euros. The board game can already be pre-ordered.

Schmidt had previously had information about games other novelties for spring published, including Quacks & Co., an offshoot of a successful family game. The board game for Jurassic World is still a surprise: "Return to Isla Nublar". However, we have the author Marco Teubner already elicited some information.


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