The small publisher SPIEL DAS! from Rhineland-Palatinate! announces his next game. The new board game is themed in Greek mythology. The players have to skilfully use the wind and go to sea.

At PLAY THAT! there will soon be an exciting novelty. Aeolus will expand the publishing program. after the Trötofanten, Magistrar and The country needs new heroes it will be the fourth game with the publisher.

Aeolos - Harness the wind

The letters in the title of the novelty already reveal what it is about: adventure, building, Odysseus, legends, Olympus and seafaring. The authors of the game are Arve D. Feeler and Guido Eckhof. The illustrations are by Marco Armbruster.

Not much is known about the game yet. What is known follows here in brief. So: what is it about? Aeolus is the ruler of the winds in Greek mythology. He invited various seafarers to a competition. Whoever succeeds in gaining the most recognition from the gods shall be accepted into the league of the gods.

When sailing, the players depend on the winds of Aeolos. These can be pretty moody. Like the legendary Odysseus, they have to make sure that the windsock is always well filled. By using it wisely, you can gain an advantage over other seafarers. These must always be kept in mind. Time is also an important factor on the Isle of Winds.

Further information will be announced in the next few days. Who the publisher on Instagram or Facebook follows, this information will be received directly from first hand.

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