The laying board game Goblin Coaster is one of the innovations from Huch for 2022. The games, which only last around 20 minutes, deal with two top themes: goblins and roller coasters. Ursula Hermens-Meyberg and Jan Meyberg want to encourage players with their idea to complete the track: the goblins accidentally set off.

The author duo Ursula Hermens-Meyberg and Jan Meyberg (Sultans of Wind) employ up to six players with the cooperative roller coaster construction. Boardgamegeek reported earlier.

The story is quickly told: The goblins want to make their amusement park more attractive, a rollercoaster is needed. Even before the track was completed, the goblins accidentally set off, it is up to the players to keep the green-skinned chaos troop from falling. Optionally, Goblin Coaster can also be played alone.

Goblin Coaster: 20 minutes, ages eight and up

According to the description, Goblin Coaster is a fast-paced, cooperative board game for players aged eight and up. Players slip into the roles of the construction goblins to find the right parts under time pressure. The "game against time" makes you sit up and take notice in terms of mechanics, but overall not much is known about Huch's 2022 novelty.

The Brettsiel is obviously aimed at families. Ursula Hermens-Meyberg and Jan Meyberg had previously designed, among other things, Wultans of Wind and the skill game Yummy Monsters. Goblin Coaster can also be assigned to this area in a playful way. It's about quick fun in limited playing time with understandable rules. Goblin Coaster should appear in the second half of 2022, the price is 22,99 euros.

Huch is known for family board games, but now also for heavier titles such as Rajas of the Ganges by Inka and Markus Brand from 2017, a strategic board game in 16th century India.


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