Publisher Osprey Games has announced the next entry in the Undaunted series. Battle of Britain takes the bad guys to the air this time. The new board game is expected to be released in spring 2023 – Osprey Games was not specific. A price has not yet been mentioned either.

The Battle of Britain is at the heart of the strategy board game Undaunted: Battle of Britain by Osprey Games. The game will be the next entry in the Undaunted series after Normandy, North Africa and Stalingrad and the 2021 expansion Reinforcements.

Undaunted - Battle of Britain: Battle of Britain

Sure, war-themed board games aren't for everyone. However, if you like such settings or want to bring a well-made tactical board game to the table, all previous titles from the Undaunted series are a good choice. The entertaining two-player games are so good mainly because they are based on beginner-friendly rules and a basically simple gameplay. Undaunted is "Wargame light", but without having to forego strategy in the deck builder.

Instead of fighting on the ground, players in Undaunted - Battle of Britain fight in the air - this is the most obvious innovation. Otherwise, David Thompson (including Switch & Signal, Castle Itter) and Trevor Benjamin (including Mandala, Great Plains) remain true to the idea of ​​the series. Two players, games lasting up to 60 minutes and a deck-building concept should also provide entertainment for the new part of the series. That could succeed, because so far it has been the case that if you like one part of the Undaunted series, you also like the rest.

Still, Osprey Games credits the board game novelty with "new challenges for veterans." For beginners, the game should remain as accessible as one is used to from the Undaunted games. The aces of the Royal Air Force meet the German Air Force in Undaunted – Battle of Britain. Players are essentially re-enacting a key episode in World War II history. The Battle of Britain in 1940 was an attempt by the German Luftwaffe to force Britain to capitulate or at least prepare for an invasion by attacking British forces and British cities.

Undaunted: Battle of Britain requires no prior knowledge of the game series or previous titles. It is a standalone game. The board game is scheduled for release in spring 2023, as Osprey Games announced in its announcement. It is unclear when exactly. The publisher does not limit the release more precisely than to the expected quarter of the year. Fans can currently assume that Undaunted: Battle of Britain will be released between January and March 2023 - a release date around the Nuremberg Toy Fair from February 1st to 5th would be possible.

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