The spring novelties of the Edition Spielwiese are now available exclusively from Pegasus Spiele. Among the games there is also a new work by Uwe Rosenberg: Framework.

Fans of abstract placement games can look forward to the latest work by successful author Uwe Rosenberg, Framework. With reMEmber and Animotion, two family games for groups of three or more have also been released, which focus on personal stories and pantomime animal imitations.

Not Patchwork: Framework

After Nova Luna, which was nominated for Game of the Year in 2020, the new family game by Uwe Rosenberg was recently released exclusively by Pegasus Spiele: Framework. Square plates are again in the foreground. However, this time there is no moon clock affecting the gameplay. Instead, one to four players from the age of eight build their own display. In each round they choose a tile with a different colored frame and/or tasks from the offer and place it. As soon as a task has been completed, i.e. when at least as many frames in the required color are lying horizontally and/or vertically, a token may be placed. Whoever manages to complete 22 tasks first wins.

With Framework, not only tactical planning is required, but also thinking outside the box, because to complete a task, not only the immediate neighboring frames count, but all tiles with at least one frame of the same color that are horizontally or vertically adjacent to each other. Skillful application can trigger chain reactions that can complete several tasks at the same time. All fans of abstract placement games with simple rules and at the same time a lot of depth can look forward to around 30 minutes of gaming fun per game with Framework.

reMEmber: communication game

Colors also play a central role in the second novelty of Edition Spielwiese. reMEmber is even a new edition of the small card game Farben by Apolline Jove. The communication game is now appearing in a handy square format and has been completely revised both editorially and graphically. Three to five players aged eight and up now play cooperatively in order to remember as many word-color combinations as possible.

For this purpose, a different one of the 108 terms is revealed in each round. All players assign one of twelve colors to this and justify their choice – preferably with a memorable, personal story. With reMEmber, players not only discover why friendship could be blue, living room yellow or courage red, but they also learn a lot about their fellow players.

reMEmber is therefore not only aimed at fans of memo and association games, but also at all groups who want to experience game rounds full of personal moments. For barrier-free playability, all colors and words on the cards are also printed as terms in four languages ​​(German, English, French and Spanish).

Animotion: Mime board game

A whole lot of fun awaits with the third spring novelty of the Playground Edition, Animotion. The players from the age of eight try to pantomime an animal. But this one also shows a certain emotion. This results in combinations like the discouraged earthworm or the generous vulture. To give the others a chance to guess the combination they are looking for, there is a selection of six animals and emotions each.

An entertaining game principle, quick rounds of only around 20 minutes and a number of players from three to eight - Animotion is perfect for a family game evening as well as a party game. All 50 animal and 50 emotion cards are in four languages ​​(German, English, French and Spanish). Animotion is an updated re-edition of the French game Animal Suspects by Bruno Faidutti and Nathalie Grandperrin.

The new illustrations of the family game in the handy box format come from the graffiti artist Pablo Fontagnier, who has already humorously staged the animal actors of the Edition Spielwiese entitled Memoarrr and Memorinth.

FYFE: Abstract puzzle game

Another Playground Edition will probably be available from Pegasus Games starting in July: FYFE. In Kosch's abstract placement game, two to five players gradually fill their personal playing field with pieces and scoring boards. To do this, they draw a tile in each round and place this or a tile from a previous round on their game board.

If you place the stone in a row, column or diagonal that does not yet point to a scoring board, you must now place one. If the conditions for one or more ratings are met, this will be indicated on the rating boards. The first to fulfill a rating also receives a bonus. Good advance planning and placing the wooden pieces and scoring tiles at the right moment bring victory at FYFE.

Framework and reMEmber can now also be found in the Pegasus Games digital game library and can be tried out digitally. Interested parties can also look forward to guided digital game rounds during CONspiracy 8 (March 17 to 20). The summer novelty FYFE will also be exclusively digitally playable there before the release.

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