In the Board Game Circus you can look forward to a year full of innovations. The Maple Valley Animals continues to ride its wave of success and still ranks in the Top 50 of BoardGameGeek's "Hotness". Of course, that's no reason to rest, even if a novelty invites you to take a little break the Swedish way. In the further course of the year, the publishing house offers a variety of new products.

The here  already introduced game Secret domination has arrived. The final preparations for shipping to the supporters of the crowdfunding campaign are currently being made and the pre-orders are also being prepared for shipping.

Small colonies, big garden - competition in the garden

Usually the circus is in the garden. Here it is the other way around and in the circus comes the garden. The upscale family game is for late summer Small colonies, big garden announced. The beautifully illustrated game is aimed at gamers with gaming experience who are interested in complex relationships. The "garden" is at stake Yes! in Dortmund and at the BerlinCon. The release date is Here, the players take on the role of one of the four races and try to get the upper hand in the areas of the garden.

In the first phase of a round consisting of three phases, the players carry out their actions. In this way, new buildings can be started or new floors can be added to existing buildings. Both are “paid for” with residents. Constructed buildings can also be demolished, which is the last possible action in a turn. The special thing is that the person whose turn it is decides where and who will carry out the next action. Then you check who has the most floors in their buildings in each of the seven areas. The person with the most floors gets two residents as a reward. True to the motto "The last will be first", the turn order for the next round is adjusted in the last phase.
In addition, there are general and private projects or missions that can be completed. The game ends as soon as a person places their last floor. There are then points for the personal missions and according to the position of the population marker.

The game is suitable for 2-4 players aged 10 and over and lasts around 60-75 minutes.

Further novelties lead to Japan and Sweden

In gasha the players collect small toys from gasha machines. These machines are cult in Japan. In Germany they are known as chewing gum machines. The 2-6 players, ages 7 and up, choose a card from one of the face-down stacks. The backs of the cards always show which toys can be included. But you don't know exactly which one will be drawn. When a matching set is complete, the toys can be exchanged for reward cards. If you combine the reward cards, there are bonus tiles that help in the course of the game or bring additional points. A game gasha plays in about 20 minutes.

The other novelty Refreshments invites 2 people or a solo player to take a little break the Swedish way. In this 18-card game, each player runs their own café. By playing the cards cleverly and manipulating the opponent's display, both try to earn more coins than the opponent. Originally released as Print&Play, owns Refreshments, which is about to start production, loving and detailed illustrations by Beth Sobel (including Wingbeat, Viticulture, Cascadia).

With citrus grove another title in the Obsthain series is on the home stretch. Following the tradition of the series, this is a pure solo game. The game's 18 cards feature orange, lemon and lime trees and the first in citrus grove occurring clearings. These free spaces, in conjunction with the new scoring mechanism, open up new ways and opportunities to improve the harvest, allowing for a more diverse gameplay and new strategies compared to Orchard. The backs of the cards also show recipes with different scoring requirements and target scores. This offers an alternative win/loss condition in addition to the standard high score hunt.

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