Ravensburger is launching several new products this autumn, including innovative titles as well as classics in a new look. The audio mystery series Echoes in particular should attract attention - after all, investigation and detective games are still in vogue.  

The autumn novelties from Ravensburger are manageable overall, but appeal to different types of players. Only the frequent players go away empty-handed, as Ravensburger had apparently already missed the powder with the new editions with games like Carpe Diem or the grandiose Puerto Rico. Now at least trendy puzzle games have to solve it, but also recycled brands and a YouTube star as topics.

Echoes - Audible mystery puzzle fun

Listening, puzzling and solving together: In “echoes” players immerse themselves in exciting stories through their hearing. At the start of the interactive “audio game” series, there are three mysterious cases that need to be reconstructed with the help of an app: “The Dancer”, “The Cocktail” and “The Microchip”. This not only requires excellent memory, but also combination skills - and above all, a keen ear. 24 atmospherically illustrated cards provide fragmentary, partly hidden clues. Behind every image there are essential noises or parts of a conversation.

Echoes is the new mystery game series from Ravensburger. Image: Ravensburger

Echoes is the new mystery game series from Ravensburger. Image: Ravensburger

With the free “echoes” app (for iOS and Android), players can listen to them as soon as they move their mobile phone camera over the game material and then, hopefully, put them in the correct order. “Echoes” is divided into six chapters, to which you have to assign the three correct object cards. If necessary, the app not only provides assistance and reveals whether the order is correct, it also creates the right atmosphere for the respective case.

Three cases have appeared in the series so far:

  • "Echoes" - the dancer
    A ghost of a young girl haunts a Scottish country house.
    Listen carefully to the fragments of her mysterious story and thus solve the riddle of her death.
  • "Echoes" - the cocktail
    In an illegal pub, characters from the New York underworld make sinister plans. Listen to the conversations at the bar and solve the riddle of their leader, "Cruel Steve".
  • "Echoes" - the microchip
    In the distant future, the world will be in ruins. Follow the acoustic traces of the past and solve the dark mystery of the decay of modern civilization.

Mystery Games - The cursed birthday

Lady Hampton's lavish 100th birthday party is at stake because a master spirit and his cronies are up to mischief in their mansion. The guests are a little panicked and threaten to leave. Only the two to four certified ghost hunters who have graduated with “summa cum horror” could succeed in defeating the master spirit. To do this, however, they have to find the right key to his hiding place, which is hidden in the three-story villa. In doing so, they meet guests and employees who are willing to provide information and helpful - or perhaps not. Again and again, the players are faced with decisions that influence the course of the game.

"The Cursed Birthday" is a cooperative adventure or storytelling board game. What happens next is in the story book or tells the appropriate app - including a ghostly atmosphere.
The ghost hunters have six rounds to search for the right key. At the same time, however, they also have to keep their mastery in check and the panic in the house at a tolerable level, otherwise the hunt is over faster than you can say "oops". And only when the master's spirit has been found, the players are allowed to open the mysterious box at the bottom of the game box and take the master's examination.

Deadline - your day, your game!

Twelve cards per player, red is trump, the player with the most tricks wins. These are the basic rules of “Stichtag”, the new, fast card or trickery game from the author's house Brand. So far so good. But there is still the desk calendar ... It is not from the new Ravensburger desk calendar collection, but rather specifies the special rules in addition to the basic rule - a different one for each day, exactly 365 in total is played with different rules of the game in the year.

The first digit reveals the goal of the game: who won and when? The second digit specifies the rules of the game. For example, you can only display the cards face down, change the trump suit on 1 or only display even number cards and then the odd ones. The month stands for special rules. In April, for example, Easter eggs beckon with additional dot gifts, in July there is a risk of sunstroke, with which one cannot make another stitch.

And in October - just in time for Halloween, you have to watch out for the ghosts. Three ghosts for one player and the game is over for him. Deadline is an exciting and varied card game with simple basic rules and quick access. Also playable for color blind people, as each color has a different calendar shape on the playing cards.

The crazy labyrinth: modernized

Whoever pushes has it - ghosts and treasure! After 35 years and over 20 million games sold, the international family game evergreen “The Crazy Labyrinth” is getting a new, modern design. This not only applies to the box cover, but also to the characters and the design of the treasures and mythical creatures. Brand new: a fabulous unicorn, a black cat, a gold mug set with precious stones and a colorful magic potion.

Otherwise, this crazy maze is as usual: The players move corridors and walls to get to the treasures and mythical creatures that are on their secret cards. Whoever is the first to discover all the secrets and return to his starting position has won the crazy pushing with the simple and at the same time unique game principle.

And there is also a special version of the classic: Ready for the Pokémon! All sorts of Pokémon are hiding in this crazy maze. With Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle, the players have to move the paths so skillfully that they can catch the Pokémon they are looking for as quickly as possible. Because in the end the rule is: Whoever was able to catch the most Pokémon in this crazy maze wins!

Less is more - keep it short!

Linguistic creativity is required in this fun party and communication game. Because it is important to paraphrase a term that another player should guess with as few letters as possible. In each round, one player is the guesser. He shows the other a term, for example "greyhound", but of course does not look at it himself. The other players try to explain “greyhound” with as few letters as possible. They write their hopefully good and short explanation secretly on their writing boards and count the letters.

The player with the shortest hint now has the advantage that he can show it first. “STURM WAU” only gives the rater “I understand only the train station” looks? Well, if you use too few letters or terms, you involuntarily help the next player. It is important to carefully consider how cryptographic the declaration can be. So the player with the second fewest letters comes up: "BREED FIFI RENN" - huh? "VIERBEINR SCHNLL" wrote down the third player. Now finally the guessworks will see the light - and he and the last whistleblower get points. There are bonus points depending on the level of difficulty. If everyone has been guessed once, the game ends and the player with the most points wins.

Explorers - Flip & Write in an unknown landscape

The players set out on a journey of discovery in an unfamiliar landscape. By skillfully placing crosses, they explore lost temples, collect travel provisions and precious stones along the way. Seven cards per round indicate in which part of the landscape a cross can be placed. Who will be the most successful explorer? The wipeable and freely combinable game material provides new challenges. Explorers is a fast and easy Flip & Write game with over a million game combinations.

As Flip & Write, Explorers is a game that could suit many tastes. Image: Ravensburger

As Flip & Write, Explorers is a game that could suit many tastes. Image: Ravensburger

Ray FoxSelfie Fox

Ray Fox aka Rafael Neugart is a well-known influencer - he has more than 1,5 million followers on Youtube and around 860.000 followers on Instagram. For all fans of Ray Fox, who also likes to take on crazy challenges, there is now the party game “Selfie Fox”. The name says it all, because the players are faced with funny selfie challenges. To do this, they either use their smartphone or the selfie frame from the box. The players have to prove themselves in three different categories. With a “selfie” you have to represent one of eight terms - and the other players have to guess it in the best case scenario. In the "Fox Challenge" there are tasks like "Stand in front of a mirror or a selfie camera and flirt with yourself for 30 seconds."

And in “What the Boomerang” you depict an animal or an action, for example “smear bread”. Two seconds, and the representation has to be repeated over and over until someone else guesses it. For successful selfies you can draw point cards - but be careful, there are also minus points, exchange cards and, in the best case, joker cards. The first player to collect twelve point cards wins the game. But even more important: if you have the fewest points at the end, you have to complete a challenge that the players thought up at the beginning. It can be a bit nasty, but the players should also be a little gracious. Who knows, maybe in the next round you will be the loser yourself ...

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