The publisher Amigo Spiele has announced its new products for spring 2021. The new titles also include a further extraction of the Lama series, which has now matured into a brand. Lama Dice is the name of a successor to the card game that was on the nomination list for the game of the year in 2019.

It was not quite enough for the card game Lama by cult author Reiner Knizia in 2019 for the award, although the game ended up on the nomination list for the game of the year, In the end, Just One from Asmodee won. This did not detract from the popularity of the fast card game: A successor appeared with Lama Party and now the dashing non-humped animal has even made the leap to the game of dice. The illustrations are again by Rey Sommerkamp and Barbara Spelger.

Coming out in January: Lama Dice from Amigo Spiele

Reiner Knizia uses some of the basic elements known from the card game for Lama Dice. The dice game is not a completely new development, but it is played differently. Cards continue to appear and players can get rid of them with the help of dice rolls. A can't-stop mechanism creates tension: you have to stop before you accumulate negative points. The active player in each case throws the three lama dice or gets out, the values ​​determine whether cards are discarded. But: If none of the values ​​rolled match, it is a bad roll and you receive a penalty card. Even worse: if there is no longer a suitable penalty card, all remaining cards are collected.

A round ends when the lama row is empty, when someone discards their last card or when all players have passed. Then the scoring follows. The game is played until a player has 40 or more points in their account.

In the end, the player with the fewest negative points wins. 70 chips, 43 cards and three dice, that's all you need at Lama Dice to be entertained. The unobtrusive gameplay, trimmed for direct fun, could hit the mark again.

Source: Amigo games

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