The classic is back: Cemetery of the Stuffed Animals is one of the most popular works by American cult author Stephen King, not least because the first film adaptation caused goosebumps. Goosebumps and soaking wet hands are guaranteed from April 4th. After the hit ES, the new, dark film adaptation of the horror novel of the same name is now coming to German cinemas.

Same story, just polished up

Moving from the big city to the tranquil countryside usually goes hand in hand with a gain in peace and security: Not so for the physician Louis Creed, who moves to the provinces with his wife and children to take up his new post as head of the local infirmary.

In the woods just behind the family's new home is the sleepy town of Ludlow's pet cemetery. Time and again, the final resting place of the animal inhabitants is haunted by inexplicable and mysterious incidents. Eventually the situation gets out of hand.

After a tragic incident, Louis asks his strange neighbor Jud Crandall for help and inadvertently triggers a dangerous chain reaction that releases something deeply evil and threatens the newly won family idyll. The Creeds quickly realize that sometimes death is better.

Directing: Kevin Kolsch, Dennis Widmyer
script: Jeff Buhler
Novel:Stephen King
Instrumentation: Jason Clarke, Amy Seimetz, John Lithgow, Jete Laurence
Pproduction: Lorenzo di Bonaventura, Mark Vahradian, Steven Schneider

Instead of Dale Midkiff, Jason Clarke embodies the central figure in the remake. Fred Gwynne will be much more difficult to replace due to his distinctive appearance, with an excellent actor slipping into the role of Jud Crandall in John Lithgow.

These movie animals deserve a revival

“Sometimes it's better to be dead!” Says the film. But that does not apply to all film animals by a long way. Some of them deserve a revival.

Huutsch from Scott & Huutsch (1989): We start our series with Huutsch, the loyal companion from the comedy "Scott & Huutsch" from 1989, who turns the life of his police partner Turner (Tom Hanks) upside down. But even if he gets him into one or the other difficult situation, when Huutsch intercepts a bullet for Turner and pays for it with his life, no eye remains dry. The loyal police dog definitely deserved to be resuscitated.

Mr. Jingles from The Green Mile (1999): Both Stephen King and Tom Hanks seem to have a thing for dead pets, because in the 1999 novel "The Green Mile", which was made into a film with Tom Hanks in the lead role, there is an adorable little animal that dies throughout the story got to. Beloved prison mouse Mr. Jingles, who is trampled to death by the evil prison warden Percey Wetmore, has to believe in it. We'd take her to the pet cemetery immediately to resuscitate her, but luckily Mr. Jingles doesn't need our help. Because thanks to the magical abilities of John Coffey (Michael Clarke Duncan) he is alive again quickly.

It's amazing what happens to movie animals sometimes: here in the cuddly toy cemetery. Paramount Pictures Germany
It's amazing what happens to movie animals sometimes: here in the cuddly toy cemetery. Paramount Pictures Germany

Marley from Marley & Me (2008): “We couldn't have found a better dog. What made you so great was that you loved us every day, no matter what. That's a fantastic thing ... I want you to know you were a great dog, Marley. "Heartfelt, isn't it? Owen Wilson has to say goodbye to his beloved dog in "Marley & Me". Who would not immediately do everything to bring back their loyal companion?

Hedwig from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (2010): An owl might not be a classic pet, but Harry's feathered girlfriend has accompanied him on his journey into the world of wizards from the very beginning and has quickly become dear to all fans. And in "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" at the latest, Hedwig proves what importance she has: She heroically sacrifices herself when she flies between Harry and a Death Eater to protect him. In doing so, she draws a deadly curse and her fate is sealed ... Who would have deserved to be spared death more than the beautiful snowy owl?

"The field in a man's heart is stonier. What you sow belongs to you. And what belongs to you always comes back to you.”

Cemetery of the Stuffed Animals (Roman)

Daisy from John Wick (2014): The last entry on our list for the time being is for Daisy, the cute puppy from "John Wick". In the film, the Beagle is a present from the afterlife to retired hit man John Wick (Keeanu Reeves) from his late wife. Tragically, however, Daisy is beaten to death by nasty gangsters. Of course, John Wick does not put up with that, and even if Daisy does not rise from the dead, she is still avenged: with one of the most spectacular revenge campaigns in film history, which cost the lives of no less than 205 people.

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