According to the motto of the Irish toy retailer Smyths Toys Superstores "Make the world your playground", they are expanding their world full of toys to a total playground area of ​​around 1.200 m². Before the end of the summer, customers should be able to explore the additional space with even more toys and an enlarged baby range. The new superstore will open in the Forum in Hanau.

The Forum Hanau in the center of the city has now been in existence for almost four years and is an essential meeting point for many city visitors. As an experienced toy expert, Smyths Toys, formerly ToysRUs, was successful right from the start. Since the Acquisition of the toy retailer ToysRUs in Germany, Austria and Switzerland by the Irish toy company Smyths Toys last year, the motto "Make the world your playground!" is lived in the Smyths Toys Superstores.

Not least for this reason, the toy retailer is now expanding its world with even more toys and expanding its sales area in the center by a further 350 m² to a total of approx. 1.200 m². Thanks to a breakthrough in the middle third of the wall between the shops, the former sales area of ​​the Mister & Lady fashion store will contribute to the expansion of the sales area of ​​the Smyths Toys toy store on the first floor of the Forum Hanau.

Hanauer Forum: Contact point for visitors

Since the middle of May we have been working hard on the design and renovation of the new area. The enlarged Smyths Toys Superstore is expected to be completed in July and will offer its customers an even larger and broader range for an even more extensive and better shopping experience. The range of baby items and preschool toys will in future be found in the new area, while the toy areas and outdoor items will be given more space and clarity in the original area.

The former small market concept with its selection of the best toy topics and the most relevant product groups is now to be replaced by the full range in order to make the whole world of toys from Smyths Toys available to the people of Hanau as well.

“Since the center opened on September 10, 2015, we have successfully established ourselves as a toy retailer in Hanau. We were aware from the start that opening a store in Hanau would be the right decision for us, and thanks to the positive development of the townscape, the good transport connections and the regular and attractive range of events, this decision has absolutely paid off. We are therefore still very satisfied to be represented here in Hanau and are therefore pleased to be able to expand our area and our range in order to be able to offer our customers even more toys".

Michael Leweke, Sales Manager, Smyths Toys South / West Sales District

Center manager Diana Schreiber-Kleinhenz is also pleased that Smyths Toys is expanding in Forum Hanau. “We are happy to have an experienced toy dealer with us in the Hanau Forum who has been inspiring children and adults alike for years. We are also particularly pleased about the company's decision to further expand the Hanau site. This shows how well the city has established itself as a shopping city and Forum Hanau as a popular shopping center in Rhein-Main. With the now large-scale expansion, we can offer our customers an even larger selection of toys.”

Anyone who has become curious about the world of toys at Smyths Toys Superstores can do so now from Monday to Saturday from 9.30:20 a.m. to XNUMX:XNUMX p.m. in the Forum Hanau. By the end of March, the Symths Toys Superstores were closed nationwide as well as in Austria and Switzerland big welcome parties invited: among other things, the Irish toy retailer also celebrated the opening in Cologne - the company's German headquarters are located there.

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