Is Metroid Prime 4 or Zelda: Bearth of the Wild 2 coming this year? Or at least more information? Nintendo boss Shuntaro Furukawa has expressed himself in a question-and-answers in the context of the publication of the current financial report on the release of previously unannounced games in the current year. The President did not mention any titles by name, but it can be assumed that these will be larger publications.

Nintendo shouldn't be called the winner of the Corona crisis, but the Japanese entertainment giant is doing comparatively well. Even if the Nintendo Switch sells great and Nintendo from the Console so far sell more than 55 million copies could, the pandemic is affecting several segments. As the latest financial report shows, numerous business areas are affected, from production to game developers' schedules.

Several unannounced games planned for the current year

Nintendo is holding up well in times of the corona crisis. The Switch sells well and new software is also released regularly, including high-profile titles such as Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition. Nevertheless: Big releases are still a long time coming. There may be delays due to the pandemic, so Nintendo has postponed long overdue announcements.

The successor to Zelda: Breath of the Wild is in development. Image: Nintendo

The successor to Zelda: Breath of the Wild is in development. Image: Nintendo

Now there is reason for hope: According to statements by Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa, previously unannounced titles will be published in 2020. Basically, it could be anything from a small indie title to a Mario game. But how likely is it that the Nintendo President will refer to minor titles when making such a weighty statement? I am therefore probably referring to publications that fans are waiting for.

Because you currently know both Metroid Prime 4 as well as Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 are in development, but there have been no details about these titles for a long time, fans hope for the releases of both games. However, it is unlikely that these top-class players will appear in 2020. It is more likely that Nintendo will at least bring new information about the games to the public to inform fans about the current status of the projects.

Remaster or remake: a Mario title could also appear in 2020. Image: Nintendo

Remaster or remake: a Mario title could also appear in 2020. Image: Nintendo

The "previously unannounced titles" could also mean Mario games. rumours* According to several of them are in development, including a new Paper Mario, but also a remaster of Super Mario 64 or Super Mario Galaxy. The pure development time for HD remakes should be significantly shorter and less sensitive to the corona pandemic, so that the release of new Mario games for Nintendo Switch seems at least realistic.

That this information comes to light at all is that Work by Robert Sephazon thanks for having taken on the Japanese version of the financial report and additional letters. This also shows that Nintendo has taken those titles into account in its financial planning. This fact also indicates that the games are probably titles that actually have financial effects in the financial year.

Because Nintendo is generally keeping a low profile when it comes to the second half of 2020, fans have no choice but to be patient. Nevertheless, the following applies: Despite the Corona crisis, the current year could still hold one or two surprises in store.

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