When will a successor to the Nintendo Switch be released? This question has occupied fans for a long time. Pokemon developer Creatures Inc had now caused a proper bubbling in the rumor mill with a job advertisement: According to this, they are looking for a DCG character modeler who should work on "research and development for next-generation hardware". 

The question of a successor to the Nintendo Switch comes as no surprise given the console's age. After more than five years on the market, the hybrid device is ripe for a makeover for technological reasons alone. Accordingly, there are frequent rumors about a successor – but Nintendo has never officially confirmed this so far.

Nintendo: Switch still has a lot of life in it

In fact, the opposite is true: the Japanese console giant regularly reiterates that there is still a lot of life in the Nintendo Switch. There are no concrete details about a real successor model to the Nintendo Switch. However, the release of the revised OLED version also came as a comparative surprise. Nintendo may have been working on a new switch for a long time, just doesn't want to be looked at in the cards.

At least that's what a job advertisement from Creatures Inc, the company behind the titles in the Pokemon series, could indicate. The connection to Nintendo is close in relation to the exclusive brand. The company is looking for a 3DCG character modeler - the job posting says they're looking to hire someone to be active in "research and development for next-gen hardware." It is possible that the development of a Nintendo Switch successor is at least in the early stages. 

This is not real proof, but it may not be a coincidence either. After all, there were already hints at the beginning of the year: a source code for Nvidia DLSS was leaked – that should also indicate a “Nintendo Switch 2”. Ray tracing and DLSS 2.2 are said to have been spotted in the source code in the spring. The same leak states that the successor model should be based on an Ampere GPU. However, analyst Piers Harding-Rolls assumes that fans can expect a successor console in 2024 at the earliest. Among other things, he bases this on the continued successful sales figures: in 2022 the versions of the Nintendo Switch will again make the console families the most successful on the market. 

Meanwhile, Nintendo is hoarding raw materials. Here, too, there were already growing indications in the summer that something was going on. The company spent around 66,5 million yen on raw materials and supplies in the 2022 fiscal year - an unusually high amount. In 2019, in preparation for the production of the Switch Lite and the revised version of the Nintendo Switch, it was only around half at 32,4 million yen. Reasons could therefore lie in preparatory actions for the production of a successor. Given the scarce and expensive raw materials, Nintendo could just as well have simply invested in reserves. 

Sales figures for the Nintendo Switch at a high level

For purely economic reasons, it would be at least strategically questionable anyway to release a successor to the Nintendo Switch in the short term. Because: The sales figures of the console families are still high. In its last quarterly report from the end of September, the Japanese group stated that it had now sold 114,33 million copies - the switch was sold around 3,25 million times in the course of that quarter alone. 

However, the world situation is also causing problems for Nintendo. Total sales for the first half of the fiscal year were around 6,68 million units, according to the company. This is almost 20 percent less than in the previous year. Nintendo gave the shortage of semiconductors as the main reason. It is the other way around with the games – there an increase of around 1,6 percent was recorded.  

It remains unclear whether Nintendo will adjust the prices for the switch consoles. The company said it wanted to keep an eye on the situation and might consider raising prices later. Currently that will not be the case. With price adjustments, Nintendo would deviate significantly from its previous attitude: Basically, the company is considered family-friendly.

Accordingly, the consoles are seen as toys and not as technology - children should also be able to buy them, according to the Japanese. If a successor to the Nintendo Switch were already in the starting blocks, the prices of consoles that have already been released would probably not be corrected upwards, but rather made cheaper. Conversely, an increase could also be seen as a preparatory action for a more expensive "Nintendo Switch 2". 

Service services as a bridge 

Also interesting against the background of a successor is the handling of the services. With the Nintendo accounts, fans will probably be able to look forward to an integration should a successor to the Nintendo Switch appear. For the Japanese too, service accounts have become more relevant over time, most notably with the launch of online membership called “Nintendo Switch Online”.

nintendo switch 2 successor

Nintendo online service has grown over the years - in content and subscriber numbers. Photo: Volkman

Services will "remain at the heart of Nintendo's strategy," said director and senior executive officer Ko Shiota recently. Shiota explains that the services have brought them closer to customers. He looks into the crystal ball: “We are not yet at a stage where we can talk about a next-generation platform. But we believe it is important to develop unique integrated hardware-software products.” The activities offered through the Nintendo Account should therefore be linked to these products. 

It didn't get any more specific, but apparently Nintendo is at least already thinking about how online services can be used as sustainably as possible for future console generations - Microsoft and Xbox have also done this to a cross-platform extent. What's more: the Redmond company has developed its own line of success from this. 

Nintendo's subscription service more and more relevant

With over 36 million subscribers to the Nintendo Switch Online service, the player base is enormous. This number was also announced by Nintendo in its quarterly financial report in September. That's four million subscribers more than in the previous year.

Here, too, Nintendo will continue to act strategically: Nintendo had stated that it had entered into a partnership with DeNA and founded the joint venture company Nintendo Systems. One wants to try to further strengthen the "digitization of Nintendo's shops". You also want to intensify the connection to the customers. It should therefore be clear that fans will still have to subscribe to an online service in the future in order to consume certain content or to be able to use central online content at all. 

All in all, Nintendo does not seem to want to just release a new piece of hardware with the next generation of consoles, but to pursue an adapted strategy in which customer loyalty could play a central role. So far, Nintendo has succeeded in doing this through the marketed family-friendliness - and of course through the exclusive brands such as Super Mario, Pokemon or Zelda. 

In summary, it can be said that the signs are condensing towards a successor to the Nintendo Switch, even if the company itself has not yet said an official word about it. Because a successor model has not even been confirmed so far, fans will have to be patient. However, it seems clear that a "Nintendo Switch 2" will come at some point - in whatever form it may be. 

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