There are plenty of new releases for Nintendo Switch in the coming weeks. As part of a Nintendo Direct Mini, several studios have now announced their new games, including Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town, Immortals Fenyx Rising from Ubisoft, No More Heroes III or Tropico 6. Also the new offshoot of the Zelda series, Hyrule Warriors: Time of devastation is the theme - and not only that: The game is now available as a demo in the Nintendo online shop.

Publishers Square Enix, Remedy Entertainment, Koei Tecmo Games and Hal Laboratory, among others, have announced their projects as Nintendo's partners in a showcase. The show was the last Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcase this year - but the stream was tough. Numerous innovations for Nintendo Switch are on the plan in the coming months.

AAA title announced for Nintendo Switch

For example, the role-playing game sequel Bravely Default II, the farm simulation Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town, theirs Predecessor Friends of Mineral Town was already quite entertaining and Ubisoft's Greek mythology-inspired action-adventure, Immortals Fenyx Rising, also coming to "major consoles".

The Nintendo Switch versions of Hitman 3 and Control, both of which can be played using cloud streaming technology, as well as the action title No More Heroes III were also presented. The predecessors No More Heroes and No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle, which were originally released for Wii, are now available for Nintendo Switch exclusively through the Nintendo Shop.

The complete video presentation Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcase October 2020:

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The presentation also announced the Part Time UFO puzzle game. The game from Hal Laboratory, the studio behind the Kirby series, is now available on the Nintendo eShop. And the free demo of Hyrule Warriors: Time of Desolation is also available now.

A total of twelve games for Nintendo Switch were presented in the showcase. Here is Nintendo's overview:

Hyrule Warriors: Time of Desolation: Even before this game launches on Nintendo Switch on November 20th, fans can try a free demo version, which is now available in the Nintendo eShop. The exciting story takes place in Hyrule 100 years before the events of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

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Hyrule Warriors: Time of Desolation [Nintendo Switch] Hyrule Warriors: Time of Desolation [Nintendo Switch] * Currently no reviews 51,90 EUR

The fast-paced action and dramatic cutscenes experienced by players in the demo shed light on the events that led to the Great Devastation. The presentation also showed that the giant, screen-filling titans will also be playable. In their respective levels, their superior powers help the player to achieve victory.

Bravely Default II: In this magical role-playing game by SQUARE ENIX, the creators of the Final Fantasy series, fate brings four heroes together. Together they embark on an epic and adventurous journey. You will discover breathtaking locations, meet fascinating characters and fight insidious villains. By defeating opposing asterisk carriers, they win them for themselves.

The asterisks allow them to take on rotating jobs. If you combine them skillfully, you can turn the tide in your favor in battle. The jobs available include those of the mighty champion, the white mage, the bard, the beastmaster or the gambler. After a demo version of the game became available in March, the developers collected feedback from players on aspects such as difficulty and controls in order to improve the gaming experience. A video of the helpful feedback from fans will be posted later on the day on the Bravely Default II website and on Nintendo's official German-language YouTube channel.

The game will be available exclusively for Nintendo Switch from February 26, 2021.

Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town: Building a farm from scratch, cutting down trees, exploring flora and fauna, raising animals: the players experience all this and more in Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town. The new game in the series sprouts on Nintendo Switch on March 26th. Will Nintendo fans plant fields and harvest a cornucopia of colorful crops? Or will they build a huge farm with numerous animal stalls? How you want to shape your life on the farm is entirely up to you.

Fenyx Rising Immortals: The fate of the world is at stake. As demigoddess or demigod Fenyx, the players try to protect the gods of Greece and their homeland from a sinister curse.

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Immortals Fenyx Rising - [Nintendo Switch] Immortals Fenyx Rising - [Nintendo Switch] * Currently no reviews 19,00 EUR

You have to take on mythical monsters, master the fabulous powers of the gods and defeat Typhon, the most powerful titans in Greek mythology, in an epic battle. Immortal's Fenyx Rising is coming to Nintendo Switch on December 3rd.

No More Heroes III: In this action-packed game, Nintendo fans will experience the latest deeds of legendary hit man Travis Touchdown as the assassin battle reaches galactic proportions. The aim is to destroy aliens in the garden of madness when No More Heroes III comes exclusively for Nintendo Switch in 2021. And if some players are not yet familiar with the game series - no problem either: The first two titles, No More Heroes and No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle, which were originally developed for the Wii console, are now in the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch available.

Hitman 3 - cloud version: The first title in the Hitman series for Nintendo Switch also marks the dramatic conclusion of the World of Assassination trilogy. The sandbox game takes players on an adventurous globetrotter tour to extensive locations. Agent 47 returns as a ruthless professional and takes on the most important assignments of his career.

Controller Ultimate Edition - Cloud Version: The Control, which has received more than 80 awards, is a visually breathtaking, addicting third-person action adventure. It combines spacious environments with an atmospheric game world and stories that are typical for developer Remedy Entertainment. Control combines all of this into an exciting gaming experience. The cloud version * of Control is now available for Nintendo Switch.

Control will also be playable on Nintendo Switch. Source: Nintendo

UFO Part Time: This colorful title comes from HAL Laboratory, the studio behind the Kirby series. The players take on the role of a lovable and helpful UFO that does all kinds of part-time jobs: from serving candy to fishing to building a castle. Players complete the individual levels by securing a specific object each time. And if you pass three more challenges per level on top of that, you can earn additional rewards. If they share the Joy-Con, two Nintendo Switch fans can also go to work together. Part Time UFO landed on Nintendo Switch today.

Bakugan: Champions of Vestroia: Strategic challenges meet exciting action - in Bakugan. The players' job is to assemble the best possible team and lead it in fast-paced battles. This is the only way to become a champion - from November 6th exclusively on Nintendo Switch.

Surviving the aftermath: It's about survival and flourishing in a post-apocalyptic future, in which resources are scarce, but the possibilities are endless. The players build a disaster-proof colony, protect their colonists and rebuild civilization in a devastated world. The End of the World is just the beginning in the Nintendo Switch version of Surviving the Aftermath, which will be released in spring 2021.

Surviving Aftermath is getting a switch version. Source: Nintendo

Surviving Aftermath is getting a switch version. Source: Nintendo

Tropical 6 Nintendo Switch Edition: El Presidente is back! As the ruler of an island state, the players have its fate in their hands. They rule their tropical island kingdom, which consists of several extensive archipelagos, and take care of the well-being of their subjects. They also send out their agents to steal the world's most famous monuments. The Tropico 6 Nintendo Switch Edition will take power on November 6th. Pre-orders are still possible during the day.

Griftlands: Nintendo Switch Edition: Clever negotiation tactics are an absolute must in Griftlands, the card game for real villains. Every decision counts: whether it's about the jobs you take on, the friends you make, or the cards you have collected. The dark sci-fi world of Griftlands invites all Nintendo Switch fans on an exciting journey of discovery from summer 2021.

The October presentation of the Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcase again offered numerous discoveries and surprises. It is worth taking a look at the last issue of this year.

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Nintendo Switch console with a pair of gray Joy-Con Nintendo Switch console with a pair of gray Joy-Con* 289,00 EUR


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