The Nintendo Switch has proven to be a real success for the Japanese console maker. Over 40 million units sold speak for themselves. The sales of the Nintendo Switch could be skyrocketing in the near future: the hybrid console will also be available in China from December 10th. 

Nintendo made the leap into the Chinese market through a cooperation with the multimedia giant Tencent. Both companies have been negotiating for around a year, now the time has come and the Nintendo Switch is also being launched in China.

Cooperation between Nintendo and Tencent

With the release, Nintendo is entering uncharted territory: So far, the Japanese have not entered into any cooperation with Chinese partners in order to conquer lucrative foreign entertainment markets.

At a joint press conference, Nintendo and Tencent not only announced their successful cooperation, but also announced the release date for the Nintendo Switch in China. The hybrid console will hit the market on December 10th. The console is priced at just under 2.100 yuan, which corresponds to about 270 euros.

A demo of Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe Edition will be preinstalled on the system. The game will be the only title available for launch, with more games to follow in the weeks after the release, including the bestsellers Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Super Mario Odyssey. 

The console in China will cost the equivalent of around 270 euros. Copyright: Nintendo

The console in China will cost the equivalent of around 270 euros. Copyright: Nintendo

However, the China launch should not be a walk in the park for Nintendo's successful console either. While the overall Chinese entertainment market is huge, some brands and franchises are struggling, including - as surprising as that may be - Star Wars. Nevertheless, the market entry for Nintendo is a further step in order to achieve the self-set sales target for the Nintendo Switch: The Japanese are aiming for 100 million units sold. Given the gigantic consumer power of the Chinese, the long-term goal is realistic.

Measured against previous sales - the Switch went over the counter around 41 million times - Nintendo is on the right track. By the end of the year and thus including the Christmas business, Nintendo should shake the 50 million mark. After less than three years, half the way to the milestone would be done. 100 million units sold are so relevant as a sales target for a console because this brand is the only one to date Playstation series was reserved.  

Time will have to tell whether entering the Chinese market will actually boost sales.

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