Nintendo Switch sales are high, it's no secret. The hybrid console has proven to be a real gold mine for Nintendo. The Nintendo Switch has been available in stores since 2017 and has been a top seller ever since - worldwide. The console is particularly successful in Japan, especially when compared to the systems of the competition. 

Admittedly, Nintendo is so successful in its home market in Japan, of all places, that comes as no surprise. The numbers are therefore no less impressive. Including the newer Nintendo Switch Lite - the purely handheld version of the Nintendo Switch - the console brand has already sold around 68,3 million times worldwide - and that was the officially announced status of Nintendo before the Christmas business.

Nintendo Switch in Japan twice as powerful as Playstation 4

As it has now become known, about 18 million of the total sales are in the Japanese market alone. As Famitsu previously reported, Nintendo was able to use the Switch to occupy around 87 percent of all consoles sold in Japan with their model last year. This clearly shows how difficult it is for Sony with the Playstation in Japan, the Xbox even has hardly any presence.

The number of 18 million console sales now presented includes the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite. For comparison: the Playstation 4 and Playstation 4 Pro sold around nine million times in Japan. Nintendo was twice as successful with its console family in the domestic market.

A new Mario special edition is appearing for the Nintendo Switch. Photo: Nintendo

A new Mario special edition is appearing for the Nintendo Switch. Photo: Nintendo

The Nintendo Switch appeared in spring 2017. At that time, the weak console was sometimes ridiculed in comparison to the competition. By now, Sony and Microsoft are likely to be in awe of the innovative, family-oriented console project. According to rumors, this is not complete: There have recently been leaks about a new, more powerful version of the Nintendo Switch - among other things Nintendo Switch „Pro“ baptized.

Since the release, the console has been selling steadily, parallel to the increasing number of games available for Nintendo Switch. The year 2020 in particular was enormously successful, worldwide. In the USA, too, the Switch was the best-selling and top-selling system in 2020. Nintendo also displaced the otherwise strong Playstation from the top position. While Microsoft and Sony regularly boost their sales through discount campaigns, the price of the Nintendo Switch has remained consistently at the same level since its release.

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