As Nintendo published in its latest financial report, the Nintendo Switch had sold 30 million times worldwide up to September 68,3th. According to the company, almost seven million copies went over the counter in the last quarter alone. And the sales figures for the software are also impressive.

In August, Nintendo reported 61.44 million Nintendo Switch consoles sold as of the June 30 quarter-end. In the meantime, there are already seven million "sales" more. The success of the Nintendo Switch does not end there - although with the Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X | There are already three next-gen consoles in the starting blocks.

Nintendo increases forecasts

The approaching Christmas business should drive the sales figures further. Nintendo takes a similar view and has increased its forecasts for copies sold in the period from April 2020 to March 2021 by around 25 percent. Previously, 19 million sales were assumed in the current financial year, now the balance sheet should end up with 24 million copies.

The plan could work, because not only the Christmas business is approaching, but also the releases of some high-profile ones News for Nintendo Switch in the following months. These include titles such as Hyrule Warriors: Time of Destruction or Bravely Default 2, Nintendo recently launched Pikmin 3. The Mario anniversary year should also drive sales of some brands, plus innovations such as Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit and the re-availability of Ring Fit Adventure, which has done well in the year since its release.


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Hyrule Warriors will appear this month, more precisely: on November 20th; a demo of the game is already available in the Nintendo shop. Bravely Default, on the other hand, will not come onto the market until February 2021, but should then turn the adjusting screw for sales again. Overall, Nintendo is also looking at positive figures for software sales: the mark of around 50 million has been reached. Animal Crossing: New Horizons is proving to be particularly successful again and has since sold around 26 million times.

And then there is also the possible publication of one Nintendo Switch Pro high on the horizon, corresponding rumors assume a release of a more powerful hybrid console in early 2021. The Nintendo Switch would reach another milestone with almost 76 million sales copies: the hybrid console could then sit in front of Nintendo 3DS, then the Playstation Portable, the Gameboy Advance and the Xbox 360 would then be within reach.

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