Rumors of an improved version of the Nintendo Switch, a “Nintendo Switch Pro”, have been around for a long time. There is no official information from the Japanese console manufacturer, but new rumors are ensuring that the topic is discussed again. The data miner “SciresM” claims to have discovered evidence of a Switch Pro in the current firmware update. Accordingly, the hardware should be drilled out significantly and even support 4K gaming, among other things. The release of the Nintendo Switch Pro is planned for sometime in 2021.

In the past few months, an improved Nintendo Switch has been a regular topic. Since the release of Sony's and Microsoft's new power consoles, the rumors have picked up speed. Fans firmly expect that Nintendo will follow suit and release a more powerful version of the Nintendo Switch. According to rumors, the “Switch Pro” will appear later this year. However, there were no official statements from Nintendo regarding a possible release period or a power version of the hybrid console. So time will tell again whether the dataminder got it right.

Nintendo Switch Pro could have an OLED screen

The well-known dataminer “SciresM” has this time put the rumors into circulation. According to his information, the Nintendo Switch Pro should be found in the data of the latest firmware update. The project will run under the code name “Aula”.

If you believe the statements of the Dataminer, Nintendo Switch Pro will support resolutions up to 4K; However, the chip should be built into the docking station and not in the tablet part of the console. Even in handheld mode, however, gamers could be offered an improved visual experience: the Switch tablet should have an OLED screen. According to “SciresM”, this is also evident from the data mining of the firmware update. The Minder even goes into detail: In addition to a Realtek 4K chipset inside the docking station, the “Aula” switch allegedly has a new Mariko SoC, which should lead to improved battery life and better cooling.

"The tablet itself definitely has an upgraded display, I don't know if it's 4K."
stealthyfrog on resetera

There were already discussions about a new Nintendo Switch last year: In the summer, rumors boomed that Nintendo could release an improved version as early as the beginning of 2021, then parallel to some game releases. So there is no shortage of supposed leaks in this area.

All of this information is ultimately not confirmed. Nintendo is rather conservative with the publication of such announcements. So you should approach the rumors with a good dose of skepticism and wait for official information from Nintendo itself.

Source: resetera


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