So far, the introduction of the paid online service for Nintendo hybrid consoles has only been a side note. From September 19, 2018, players will have to reach into their pockets to play games online with one another or against each other. In addition, various comfort functions as well as access to classic NES games are included in the membership. Just in time for the start of the online service, Nintendo is offering a one-week trial membership. 

Online service information for Nintendo Switch

The introduction of a paid online service for Nintendo Switch is very controversial in the scene.

While some fans fear that Nintendo will shoot itself out with the paid concept, other players see the offer as an inexpensive additional package of services. 

Especially fans of Retro games can expect the start of Nintendo Switch Online eagerly: Console classics of the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) can be played with an active membership on the Nintendo Switch - including new online functions. Otherwise, the Nintendo Switch Online service ensures that multi-game titles can still be played with or against other players.

Nintendo answers the question of whether online service is a prerequisite for being able to play certain titles at all FAQ on the official website:

"Membership is still not required to play titles like AMRS, Splatoon 2 or even Mario Kart 8 Deluxe." 

Excerpt from the Nintendo Switch Online FAQ

Otherwise, the online service, which will start on September 19, will contain more convenience functions. For example, some, but not all, titles support cloud storage technology. From now on, saved data of the console can be stored in a cloud. The right app for the Nintendo Switch is part of the online service from the start day. Depending on the supported game, users can access different functions or use features such as voice chat. 

The costs for the Nintendo Switch online service are 3.99 euros (monthly subscription), 7.99 euros (three-month subscription) or 19.99 euros (annual subscription).

For families with several devices, Nintendo offers family membership for 34.99 euros. Up to eight Nintendo Accounts can be linked in this way when a family group is set up.

As players already know from other subscriptions (such as Xbox Gold), special offers and discounts are also part of the paid Nintendo Switch online service.

Interested players can test the online service for seven days free of charge. According to Nintendo, the trial phase ends automatically.

At the same time as the service starts, the new update to the switch OS 6.0.0 will also appear.

What do you think of Nintendo Switch Online? Are you going to get a membership? If not why not?

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