The Nintendo Switch OLED sold around 314.000 times in the United States in October, according to the NPD Group. The Japanese console manufacturer got off to a good start. Much more impressive, however, are the stable sales figures for the Nintendo Switch overall. 

The Nintendo Switch has now sold almost 93 million times worldwide. In less than five years, the Japanese console manufacturer was able to draw this balance. With the launch of the improved Nintendo Switch OLED model, the brand will be strengthened again - and thus presumably much more durable.

Nintendo Switch: Year-on-year stable figures

With 314.000 units sold in the United States alone, the Nintendo Switch OLED has made a solid start. The good sales strengthens the “Nintendo Switch” phenomenon again - it can be assumed that the hybrid console will often find its way from the retail shelf to the living room in the coming months.

This is made clear, among other things, by the figures from the year-on-year comparison. According to the NPD Group, only three percent fewer Nintendo Switches were sold in October 2021 than last year. The sales figures are proving to be stable. In numbers, that's 711.000 console units sold. The boss of Nintendo of America, Doug Bowser, pointed this out recently in one Interview with the Washington Post out.

At the same time, Bowser looks positively towards the Christmas season, which traditionally ensures particularly strong console sales. And something else is surprising: the US American boss confirmed that many of the Nintendo Switch units that were sold during the month were bought by those who already own the console and another for themselves or their families bought. There are no exact figures, but the statement alone is surprising. Nintendo Switch fans seem to be building a strong bond with the console brand.

The Nintendo Switch OLED also got off to a strong start in the UK and Japan. Recently, Nintendo also made it clear again that the Nintendo Switch had only reached the middle of the console's life cycle. In connection with the noticeable shortage of semiconductor chips worldwide, however, the good sales figures also have their downsides. As Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa stated, it is unlikely that the demand will be met this Christmas season. This makes fans happy who get hold of a console, but also so-called scalpers who want to make a profit from the scarcity of hardware.


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