On October 8th, a revised version of the Nintendo Switch will appear with the OLED model. On the one hand, this is a consistent further development of an already successful console, on the other hand, fans have expected far more than a console that has been optimized in detail. So the OLED model of the Nintendo Switch is a disappointment, isn't it?

For many months there were rumors of a new Nintendo Switch. For the first time in 2019. Now it is almost there, at least officially announced and given some information on the technical details in the run-up to the release on October 8th - and some fans are disappointed. This is partly understandable, after all, based on the rumors, support for 4K resolutions was expected. It doesn't come, but the OLED display predicted by leaks. Nevertheless: It still has a bad aftertaste.

Nintendo Switch: OLED model clever coup

Fans were expecting a lot from a new Nintendo Switch. Technically, nobody expected a direct competition to the power consoles from Sony and Microsoft, but a significantly higher resolution at least in docked mode. It is now clear: the OLED display is slightly larger at seven inches and offers a resolution of 720p - on the TV it will be 1080, i.e. Full HD.

In addition to this obvious - and welcome - optimization, Nintendo is making improvements in the Quality of Life area: the stand will be adjustable and there is a built-in LAN port. The most practical option is increasing the memory to 64 gigabytes, but they are still tight overall. There is no longer any need for an additional memory card - frequent gamers will probably still not be able to avoid an upgrade.

In all probability there will not be a technical improvement, i.e. an optimization of the Nintendo Switch's performance. Although this has not been conclusively clarified, the chances are still bad. After all, Nintendo hadn't even mentioned it in the announcement - although that would have been the real sensation. Fans should therefore not hope for a future marketing coup.

Nintendo managed a coup with the OLED model of the Nintendo Switch, but it was more the sales department than the technical colleagues. Even the current version of the console continues to sell superbly: the Japanese game and console developer was able to sell over 84 million copies worldwide by May 2021. The Nintendo Switch regularly tops the sales charts in several countries. Fans like the Switch - and they'll also like the OLED variant. If you don't have a switch yet, you can opt for the completely redesigned model. Anyone who owns a switch will still be toying with the upgrade. One reason: It consistently demonstrates one of the console's strengths - the handheld mode. For many people, playing even more beautifully on the go is worth another investment of around 350 US dollars / euros.

Sales party!

From a sales point of view, the OLED model is a direct hit: The work for further development should have been comparatively manageable. The monetary result, on the other hand, will be based on what the company is already bringing in with the current version. In addition, the fresh model is a kind of bridging up to a possible release of a “real” new Nintendo Switch - which will then also be able to sell millions of times.

The message is even cheeky: You get performance from 2017 for the price of 2021. Although it is relatively stable with the Nintendo Switch, it will remain at the current level for the next few years. If you want to save, you can use the old switch - until it disappears from the shelves.

Nintendo supports the whole concept with the look of current games. They won't improve optically either - they don't have to, the Nintendo Switch couldn't do any more. And because the Nintendo Switch is marketed as a family console anyway, purely technical considerations are hardly part of the promotions. The main thing is that the game is fun. This is basically also true, because that's exactly what a good game title stands for, but it still has a bland aftertaste. After all, the die-hard fans' expectations were much higher. And they have been disappointed (so far). In any case, the OLED model will not detract from the success of the Nintendo Switch. On the contrary.

The rumors about a “Nintendo Switch Pro” are by no means off the table with the release of the OLED variant. The expectations of Nintendo for a more powerful Switch are still there. If and when such a model will appear? Not clear. However, a title like Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 would be one of the hot candidates for a parallel launch.


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