Nintendo is rolling out a new update for the Nintendo Switch. In principle, this brings more detail improvements, but also a feature that was long overdue. With the current version 11.0.0, players can finally transfer their captured screenshots and videos wirelessly to their smart devices or, alternatively, transfer them via USB cable. 

Transferring pictures and videos wirelessly: That doesn't necessarily sound like an innovative function in 2020, but Nintendo Switch owners have so far had to do without it. The transfer of recorded gameplay videos or screenshots was possible indirectly, but this was far too cumbersome for a modern console.

Transfer screenshots from Nintendo Switch wirelessly or by cable

On November 30th, Nintendo rolled out the update with version 11.0.0. So gamers can look forward to some quality-of-life improvements, including trending what friends are playing and the addition of Nintendo Switch Online to the main menu. Also useful: Nintendo has introduced a feature that automatically downloads saved save data that has been added to the Data Cloud.

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Much more interesting, however, is the function that now allows fans to not only share their recorded videos and screenshots via Twitter or Facebook or to transfer them to other devices by swapping memory cards, but also to transfer them wirelessly or wired. The latter works with a USB cable.

The update should be downloaded and installed automatically when you start your Nintendo Switch. If this does not happen, the update can also be installed manually via the system settings. The full log with all changes to the Updates version 11.0.0 released Nintendo online.


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