If you own a Nintendo Switch, you should take good care of the console: replacement is currently only available at horrendous prices. Nintendo has been happy about good sales figures for a long time - but that the Switch could actually be sold out, something that the Japanese console manufacturer could probably only have dreamed of. The alternative: a Nintendo Switch Lite. They still exist.

The run on the Nintendo Switch is not only continuing, but has reached a peak for the time being. Rien ne vas plus, nothing works anymore. The contact bans and exit restrictions mean that many gamers spend a lot of time at home with their consoles - and the Nintendo Switch seems to be particularly popular.

The Nintendo Switch has been sold out

Already at the end of March the sales seemed to indicate only one thing: Hurry up, it's over soon! And in fact, the Nintendo Switch is no longer available almost two weeks later - at least not at normal prices. In online shops and on auction platforms, the prices sometimes double the usual rate. Even used, sellers charge more money for the Nintendo Switch than would otherwise be the original price.

Is that only the case in Germany? Not at all. All over the world the Nintendo Switch has become a rare commodity - “Corona” drives gamers in front of the screens. In the USA, even Nintendo itself confirms the current status. Accordingly, the “Nintendo Switch is sold out at various retailers in the US”. However, other systems are already in preparation.

Analyst and industry expert Daniel Ahmad also commented on the shortage of the Nintendo Switch. According to him, April will be a “difficult month” for Switch offerings. The situation will not recover, at least not in the short term. In May, probably closer to June - at least that is the time for German online retailers to signal replenishment in their shop information - stocks could normalize again. Nintendo is currently producing under high pressure as far as the Corona situation allows. It will probably take around two months for the population to reach normal levels.

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If you want to play Nintendo Switch games, you have to wait or alternatively buy the handheld version Nintendo Switch Lite, which is still available everywhere - and at normal retail prices. The Nintendo Switch Lite in the color money costs 214 euros, the pink (“coral”) can be pre-ordered for April 24th and costs around 220 euros.

More about the sale of the Nintendo Switch can be found here: Do retailers support the scarcity with purchase bots?

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