Playing in 4K resolution on the Nintendo Switch is finally possible. Not Nintendo itself provides the higher resolution on the hybrid console, but an external gadget from South Korea. The little red block scales the resolution up to 4K, so that Nintendo fans can also get a little "next-gen" feeling at home. 

The Nintendo Switch is undoubtedly a successful and innovative console, but it is not the most powerful on the market. Owners of Xbox Series X or Playstation 5 have long been able to play their favorite games natively at home with a horizontal image resolution of around 4.000 pixels. A 4K resolution on the Nintendo Switch has not been an issue so far. Fans have therefore been hoping for a "Nintendo Switch Pro" for a long time, because even the OLED model of the Nintendo Switch, which has been improved in detail, cannot make the leap in screen resolution.

Nintendo Switch in 4K by Asia Gadget

The hybrid concept of the Nintendo Switch has its price: Even in TV mode, the handy console only manages Full HD. Nevertheless, the Nintendo console, which has been available since 2017, has been extremely successful: the Japanese console manufacturer was able to sell tens of millions worldwide, with the focus clearly on family-friendly, but above all uncomplicated fun. For a long time, fans were happy to do without 4K on the Nintendo Switch, but with the release of Microsoft's and Sony's new power consoles, the mood has at least changed somewhat: fans are now also wanting a performance-engineered model from Nintendo. Although Nintendo has supplied the OLED version, this is not enough for graphics enthusiasts.

The 4K resolution on the Nintendo Switch hasn't been available to fans - at least until now. With the “4K Gamer Pro”, a gadget is now available in a South Korean online shop that is supposed to actually enable gaming in 4K on the Nintendo Switch. The resolution is scaled up in TV mode (upscaling). The use of the US stick-like accessory is simple: It is simply switched between the Nintendo Switch and the television.

There is of course a downer: it is not a native 4K resolution, but an extrapolated one. However, this still makes the image sharper. And: the 4K option is only available for the docked TV mode - in handheld mode there is still no 4K on the Nintendo Switch.

The “120K Gamer+” costs around 4 euros in the South Korean online store "Funshop". Fans in this country can only get the gadget under difficult conditions, because even if delivery to Germany were possible, the price would be increased by additional customs duties.

The alternative: at least finer textures can be created on the Nintendo Switch with the "Plug and Play Video Game Upscaler" from mClassic. However, the costs for this are a whopping 130 euros.

After all, the manufacturer of the "PhotoFast 4k Gamer+" states that it wants to set up a crowdfunding campaign for the gadget. It should then run via Kickstarter – and fans may have the chance to get hold of the device at a lower price if the “swarm” ultimately enables mass production.

If you want to play in 4K on the Nintendo Switch without having to resort to such technical gimmicks, look into the tube. Whether a more powerful "Nintendo Switch Pro" will actually appear is unknown. Some experts assume, others deny. Native 4K resolution is therefore still available in the console area on the Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X. The Nintendo Switch creates 1.080p in TV mode or 720p in handheld mode. But: The majority of fans of the Nintendo Switch don't care about the graphics quality anyway, it's - in addition to the hybrid model and the innovative Joy-Cons - rather the Nintendo-exclusive video games that serve as the driving force


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