Today, November 13th, has become Super Mario Bros. 35th anniversary of Nintendo released a limited edition handheld console. With the "Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros." a piece of gaming history becomes playable. The console goes into the pockets of your fans with three preinstalled game titles. In addition, it offers a digital clock with 35 different animations and an “Unlimited Mario mode”. "Game & Watch" was originally produced from 1980 to 1991 and was wistfully missed by gamers around the world.

Anyone who lived through the 80s could not ignore the electronic game box Game & Watch from Nintendo. The small, flat handheld consoles only offered their players one game at a time. Nintendo heroes like the "Mario Bros." or "Donkey Kong Jr.". Thanks to the comeback "Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros." Starting today, November 13th, all video game fans can experience this piece of Nintendo history again or in a completely new way. The console contains three preinstalled game titles: “Super Mario Bros.”, “Super Mario Bros .: The Lost Levels” and the skill game “Ball”.

Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros. - A piece of history

The first Game & Watch were originally developed by Nintendo designer Gunpei Yokoi to offer interested gamers a console for on the go. After he observed a man on a train in Japan who was typing on a calculator out of sheer boredom. With his idea of ​​a handheld console, the resourceful designer not only brought video gamers a lot of fun, but also revolutionized the entire games industry.


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The new edition comes in a gold-colored color scheme with a wine-red frame. In addition, the Game & Watch console has a modern LCD color screen, a battery and a USB-C charging option. The control pad should ensure precise playing. This means that pocket-sized fun has arrived in the 21st century. Another feature is an integrated digital clock, which is not only a practical clock, but also features guest appearances by Mario himself and his Nintendo friends. So it's worth keeping a close eye on them.

Nintendo's miniature console is back! Image: Nintendo

Nintendo's miniature console is back with three video games! Image: Nintendo

For gamers who want to go on adventures in the Super Mario Bros. world without pressure, the handheld console has the “Unlimited Mario Mode”. This prevents the game over dreaded by video gamers, as no life points can be lost. It becomes active as soon as the player says “Super Mario Bros.” or “Super Mario Bros .: The Lost Levels” starts while holding down the A button. Players who want the riskier version of the title back can deactivate the “Unlimited Mario mode” under “Reset Game” in the game menu.

If you now feel like the Game & Watch experience or want to get hold of a Christmas present, then you have to be quick. The pocket-sized console is only available in limited editions to mark the 35th anniversary of Super Mario Bros.

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